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LAU athletes claim international tournament recognition


Women's basketball team with coach Najib Chouity.


Men's volleyball team with coach Nazih Sleiman


Men's basketball team flanked by coach Martin Mugharbil (left) and physiotherapist Maher Fathallah (right).


MVP award winner Sabine Fakhoury (women's basketball).

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May 31, 2006—

LAU student athletes gained international recognition scoring first place in basketball and volleyball at the International Sports Tournament of the American College of Thessaloniki, Greece.

The university delegated 42 athletes to the event May 18–21, 2006.

LAU athletes competed in basketball, volleyball and soccer with over 300 counterparts from five universities in Greece, Bulgaria and Lebanon.

Three LAU athletes, Sabine Fakhoury (women’s basketball), Fouad Serhan (men’s basketball), and Samah Safa (men’s volleyball), won the Most Valuable Player awards.

“An MVP is a player who reflects positively on the team and shows strength on the playground and high team spirit,” said 20-year-old Fakhoury. “It means a lot to me. It gives you a push and makes you go on and improve,” she added. Fakhoury, who is majoring in International Business, started playing basketball at age 14 and joined the LAU team a year ago.

During the three-day tournament, the women’s basketball team scored their first-ever international title, while both the men’s basketball and volleyball teams landed their second international titles respectively after Dubai in 2002 and Greece in 2004.

“Women’s volleyball and men’s soccer teams took second place after heartbreaking losses in the finals against the American College of Sofia, Bulgaria (2–1) and Deree College, Athens (2–2, 4–2 on penalties),” Beirut Athletics Director Sami A. Garabedian reported.

Garabedian headed the delegation along with Beirut Dean of Students Tarek Na’was, accompanied by coaches Najib Chouity, Nazih Sleiman, Hassan Chatila, Martin Mugharbil and physiotherapist Maher Fathallah.

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