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LAU Medical School unveils redesigned website

You can now enjoy new features and enhanced resources.

The revamped homepage of the School of Medicine website acts as a gateway to rich resources.

Visitors can now browse floor plans to learn about the school's state-of-the-art facilities.

The "Clinical Program" section outlines the school's local, regional, and international affiliations.

This page provides an overview of the school's innovative vision.

A redesigned user-oriented website was added recently to the wide array of resources provided by LAU’s new School of Medicine.

Launched on April 23, the new site caters to multiple audiences featuring information about the school’s M.D. curriculum (expected to start in September), admission requirements, facilities, research projects, clinical affiliations, and online faculty applications.

The website’s trendy visuals and features “make it truly interactive,” said Dr. Kamal Badr, dean of the Medical School. “The graphics are very nice, the color was a great choice and I like the dynamics,” such as audio messages and pop ups, he added.

Animated charts mapping the school’s Byblos facilities help you go quickly through the Anatomy Laboratory, Clinical Skills and Simulation Center, multidisciplinary labs.

The redesign “is all about how to promote [the school] without being an obstacle” to users, who want to find the information they’re looking for quickly, said Karina Rodriguez, assistant director of LAU’s Marketing and Communications Department.

The office developed the project in collaboration with school representatives.

“The new design follows the trend of the main LAU website,” said Rodriguez.

“We are trying to make a strong connection between our main website and the one of the institution, but at the same time to give [the latter] a touch of its own personality,” she added.

“I think it is already helping the school in two areas: recruiting students and faculty, and introducing the school to the public,” said Badr. “I think it delivers our message,” he added.

The project was part of a series of website redesigns Marcom has been coordinating with schools, institutes and other university entities.


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