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Students join hands to help NGOs on Christmas

In pictures — Through a weeklong fundraising campaign in Byblos, titled “Live the Christmas Spirit,” donations were collected to support four NGOs.

In pictures —

A series of fundraising activities were held at LAU Byblos in December 2010 to collect donations from students, faculty and staff in order to support four NGOs.

Dubbed “Live the Christmas Spirit,” the campaign was organized by the Office of the Dean of Students in Byblos and involved 18 student clubs headed by the Byblos Campus Student Council.

The weeklong campaign ended with an event on December 22 in the Student Lounge.

live-christmas-spirit-dec2010-01-big.jpgThe students collected LL4,500,000 in cash during different campus events.

live-christmas-spirit-dec2010-02-big.jpgThe activities ranged from selling food and gifts to screening a movie on campus.

live-christmas-spirit-dec2010-03-big.jpgWith the raised funds, the students purchased around 1.2 tons of food products. Also, LAU faculty and staff members generously supported the campaign by collecting donations of clothing and gifts.

live-christmas-spirit-dec2010-04-big.jpgOverall, 75 boxes full of food, clothes and gifts, collected through the combined efforts of LAU community members, were equally distributed to four NGOs — Birds’ Nest Armenian Orphanage, Rotaract Club, Red Cross, and Eucharist Sisters’ Monastery — after the celebratory closing event.

In the above photo, Dr. Mars Semaan, Dean of Students at LAU Byblos, shows the donated goods to Rita Dahdah, the Red Cross representative.

live-christmas-spirit-dec2010-05-big.jpgThe closing event was attended by LAU students, faculty and staff as well as representatives of the NGOs.

In his speech, Dr. Semaan thanked all the students for their commitment and hard work, as well as Joseph Kanaan, program coordinator in the Dean of Students Office in Byblos, for coming up with the idea of organizing such a campaign.

live-christmas-spirit-dec2010-06-big.jpgA group photo of LAU and NGO representatives.

live-christmas-spirit-dec2010-07-big.jpgThe event’s keynote speaker was Tony Baroud, the famous Lebanese TV host who was recently selected as the United Nations Ambassador for Lebanese Youth. Baroud praised the LAU students for what they had achieved in a small period of time and expressed his hope for further collaborating with LAU in the future.

live-christmas-spirit-dec2010-08-big.jpgDuring the closing event, student club representatives received certificates recognizing their efforts in the campaign.

live-christmas-spirit-dec2010-09-big.jpgThe Music Club played some live Christmas songs during the event.

live-christmas-spirit-dec2010-10-big.jpgThe clubs that collaborated with the Campus Student Council to organize the event were: ACM, Discovery, Lebanese Students Front, Social, MUN, International Affairs, Youth, Hope for Better Lebanon, Citizenship, Scouts, Rotaract, Offre Joie, Armenian, ASME, Music, Peace-Building, Extreme, Architecture and Design, and Cedars.


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