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Web project highlights Beirut’s architectural diversity


Dr. Elie Haddad.

January 19, 2006—

A case study on Beirut by Assistant Dean of Engineering & Architecture Elie Haddad finally came to light after two years of hard work, when it was published on “Worldview,” a website established by the Architectural League of New York.

The web-based project offers studies produced by architects worldwide who are invited to present reports on what is interesting in their cities as well as recent architectural developments. The site was inaugurated in 2002 and adds several reports every year.

Beirut is the oldest city profiled in the Worldview series. The project traces the architectural and urban development of the city from the 3rd millennium B.C. to 2005. It also features a selection of young Lebanese architects, their experiences and most famous works in the country.

Dr. Haddad, along with a team of Lebanese architects, chose the 15 architects featured in the project based on a number of strict criteria, including being Lebanese and having extensive experience in Lebanon. In their reports, Dr. Haddad and his colleagues insisted on showing the diversity of architectural experiences in Lebanon.

The architects, who had studied and lived in Europe and the United States, infused their local culture with design approaches they had learned abroad.

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