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You@LAU recruitment scheme attracts thousands of prospective students

In pictures — High schoolers visited LAU’s campuses for a week and got to know the academic programs, facilities, professors, and students.

In pictures —

Following the success of last year’s first annual You@LAU event, the Admissions Offices at both the Byblos and Beirut campuses followed up this year with new activities, and a more attractive sales pitch to recruit the thousands of high school students who visited the campuses over a one-week timespan. The event lasted May 3-7 in Byblos and May 3-11 in Beirut.


you-at-lau2010-01-big.jpg“This is a great opportunity for the high school students to see the campus in action,” said Nada Badran, director of the Admissions Office in Beirut.

you-at-lau2010-02-big.jpgEach morning a new batch of high school students were invited to Irwin Hall Theatre for a series of short presentations introducing them to the university.

you-at-lau2010-03-big.jpgThe high schoolers, mostly from the 11th grade, had the opportunity to meet with LAU students, faculty and staff to learn more about programs, services and campus life. Here, Dr. Nancy Hoffart, founding dean of the new Nursing School, encourages them to consider a career in nursing.

you-at-lau2010-04-big.jpgFollowing the early morning presentations, the high schoolers were led by LAU student guides on campus tours that included this stop at a computer lab.

you-at-lau2010-05-big.jpgOnce they reached the Business School, Georges Tamer, hospitality lab supervisor, took the high school students on a detailed tour through the facilities. Here, the students pass through the hospitality management lab.

you-at-lau2010-06-big.jpgIn total, 1,780 high school students attended the event in Beirut.

you-at-lau2010-07-big.jpgThe high school students marveled at LAU’s well-equipped sports facilities, including the 20-by-12-meter heated swimming pool at the basement of Beirut’s gymnasium.

you-at-lau2010-08-big.jpgGuides took the students on a tour through the Riyad Nassar Library’s wide selection of books and other publications.


you-at-lau2010-09-big.jpgLike in Beirut, You@LAU in Byblos kicked off each morning with a series of short presentations in the Selina Korban Theater.

you-at-lau2010-10-big.jpgMichel Najjar (here with some visiting high schoolers), director of the Byblos Admissions Office, described this year’s event a “huge success” and said many students showed interest in applying to LAU.

you-at-lau2010-11-big.jpgBooths were set up each day for students to ask questions and receive information about LAU.

you-at-lau2010-12-big.jpgComputers were set up at the booths to all students to join the You@LAU Facebook group.

you-at-lau2010-13-big.jpgJamal Maalouf (right), senior admissions officer in Byblos, played an instrumental role in the organization of the event.

you-at-lau2010-14-big.jpgAdmissions Office staff and student guides pose together at a booth in Byblos.

you-at-lau2010-15-big.jpgAbout 1,600 students from 26 schools visited the Byblos campus over the week. Here, students from the Evangelical School in Rabieh sitting near the fountain during a campus tour.

you-at-lau2010-16-big.jpgThe weeklong event in Byblos coincided with many other activities occurring on campus that week, including the Library Open House, the Design and Manufacturing Day, and the Science and Arts Fair. Here, high school students observe a project built by LAU engineering students during the Design and Manufacturing Day on May 5.


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