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List of Accepted Papers

Paper# Title Author Paper Category
103 An Off-Line Cursive Arabic Handwriting Soumaya Al-Ma'adeed SHORT
104 Absorbing Stochastic Estimator Learning Algorithms Georgios Papadimitriou FULL
105 A Genetic-Based Neuro-Fuzzy Generator Abdellatif Rahmoun FULL
108 Neural Expert System with Two Engines Moawia Elfaki Yahia FULL
111 Design of Variable Strucutre PID controller Wassim Bedwani FULL
113 Highlights on the Evolutionary Engineering Abdellatif Rahmoun FULL
114 Segments Matching Using a Neural Network Approach Oualid Djekoune SHORT
116 Recognition the Arabic hand-writing text Said Saleh Saloum SHORT
117 Neural network for segmenting handwritten arabic Ramzi Haraty SHORT
118 FBLLB: A fuzzy-based traffic policing Hashem Lababidi FULL
120 Constraint-Based Timetabling - A Case Study Abdel-Wahed Abbas FULL
121 A Distributed Guided Genetic Algorithm Boutheina Jlifi SHORT
122 Toward a model of agents society Habiba Belleili SHORT
124 Combination of Vector Quantization and Hidden Halima Bahi FULL
125 Generation of the Sense of a Sentence Karima Meftouh SHORT
126 Restoration Method Using a Neural Network Model Nadia Zenati SHORT
127 Principal Component Analysis of Multispectral Salim Chitroub FULL
128 Neural Speech Synthesis System for Arabic Sihem Ben Sassi SHORT
129 DB-TUTOR: An Intelligent Tutoring System Taher Bouhadada FULL
130 An Intelligent Approach for Solving the Airlines Walid El Moudani FULL
131 A Planning System for Blocks-World Domain Bhanu Prasad FULL
132 Hand-Written Indian Numerals Recognition Faruq Al-Omari FULL
133 Human Face Detection Using FAST Hazem El-Bakry SHORT
134 Logic Programming and Ultrametric Spaces Sara Bouamama FULL
135 A Generic Functional Genetic Algorithm Ali Abdallah FULL
201 A Three-tier Architecture for Ubiquitous Sumi Helal SHORT
202 Data Mining in Query Processing Strategies Teh Ying Wah SHORT
204 Query Processing in an E-Commerce Environment Teh Ying Wah FULL
206 Static and Dynamic Reverse Engineering Mimoun Malki SHORT
207 Discovery of fuzzy sequential patterns Ruey-Shun Chena FULL
208 A Distance-Based Approach for Database Re-Engineering Aziz Barbar SHORT
209 Generating implicit association rules Chiraz Latiri Cherif FULL
210 The Cost Model for XML Documents Jisim Kim SHORT
211 Spatial Decision Tree: Karine Zeitouni SHORT
212 A hyper-sapced data model for multifaceted contents Richard Chbeir FULL
214 Multimedia Database Operations and Query Solomon Atnafu FULL
215 Transformation rules from semi-structured XML documents Youakim Badr SHORT
216 Spatial Data Warehouses and Exploration Techniques Hajer BČazaoui SHORT
217 Conservative Locking in Nested Transactions Mohamed El-Sharkawi SHORT
303 On the Attractiveness of the Star Network Abdel-Elah Al-Ayyoub SHORT
304 Scalability Analysis and Domain Decomposition Ashraf Osman FULL
305 On a Parallel Extended Euclidean Algorithm Sidi Mohammed Sedjelmaci FULL
307 On Designing a Systolic Network for the Resolution Fatima Zohra Hadjam SHORT
309 Prioritized Critical Section in the Distributed Groups Ahmad Housni FULL
310 Perceived Consistency Abdulmotaleb ElSaddik FULL
312 Performance Analysis of Extended Vector-Scalar Operations Using Reconfigurable Issam Damaj FULL
314 A New Forwarding Policy for Load Balancing in communication Networks Martin Heusse FULL
316 The Description and the Distributed Simulation Framework of Complex Adaptive System Hong-Liang LI FULL
317 Location Management in Mobile Computing Systems :An Overview Albert Zomaya SHORT
319 A survey and a Taxonomy of Approaches for Testing Parallel and Distributed Programs Mohamad Al-Ladan FULL
320 Implementation of DDARC:Software Architecture for Debugging Distributed Programs Dhamodaran Sampath FULL
321 An Environment Physically Distributed in Java Denivaldo Lopes SHORT
322 A Functional Veiw of Computer Graphics Ali Abdallah FULL
401 On the Interaction of Programming by Contract and Liskov Substitution Principle Walid AL-Ahmad SHORT
402 The Arabic Object-Oriented Programming Language Al-Risalh Mohammed Amin SHORT
404 Seamless Integration of Control Flow and Data Flow in a Visual Language Bertrand Ibrahim SHORT
405 An Execution Model for the seamless Integration of control Flow and Data Flow. Honitriniela Randriamparany FULL
501 A Knowledge Base for Program Debugging Abdallah Tubaishat FULL
503 A Case Study with Relational Database Metrics Coral Calero SHORT
505 Reduction-Based Methods and Metrics for Selective Regression Testing Rami Bahsoon SHORT
506 An Integrated Testing Technique for Component-Based Software Sami Beydeda FULL
507 A Reuse Description Formalism Zina Houhamdi FULL
510 Measuring the Coupling of Procedural Programs Jarallah Al-Ghamdi FULL
512 Towards a New Approach on Software Process Evolution Mohamed Ahmed-Nacer FULL
513 A reuse based approach for Requirements Engineering Mounia Fredj SHORT
517 Prediction of Software Reliability Alaa Sheta SHORT
518 A Measure for Component Interaction Test Coverage Alan Williams FULL
519 An Environment for Formal Lingware Engineering Bilel Gargouri SHORT
520 A Service Oriented Standardised System for Virtual Private Networks Bill Vassiliadis FULL
521 Interactive Electronic Technical Manual Object Model (IETMOM) Dina Ghobashy SHORT
522 Toward a Comprehensive Framework for Software Process Modeling Evolution Fadi Deek SHORT
523 Facilitating Group Formation and Role Allocation in Software Engineering Groups George Dafoulas FULL
524 CorbaViews: Distributing Objects with Views Hafedh Mili FULL
526 Taxonomy of Process Modeling Languages Kamal Zamli SHORT
527 Formalizing Full Function Points Using ROOM Marc Frappier FULL
530 Enhancing Schedulability: A Real-Time Object Slicing Mohamed Kimour FULL
531 Analysis of Software Engineering Metrics in OO Environment Narayan Debnath SHORT
532 A Unified Symbolic Execution System Nicos Malevris SHORT
534 Automatic verification of concurrent object properties Rami El-Baida FULL
535 CORBA-Based E-commerce Application Testing Architecture Robert Probert SHORT
536 Modeling resources in a UML-based simulative environment Vittorio Cortellessa FULL
537 Some Parameters for Timed System Testability Hacene Fouchal FULL
538 Distributed Object Computing and its Application Kassem Saleh SHORT
539 Object Based Software Engineering with Hidden Mohammed Bettaz FULL
542 Building UML-Based Use Case Sub-Tool for Component-Based Osama Abulnaja SHORT
545 UML-L:An UML Based Design Description Language Ashraf Salem SHORT
601 Bargaining in E-Commerce: A Special Negotiation Scheme Rida Mourtada SHORT
606 Evaluation and Validation Tests of Multimedia Yousef Monsef SHORT
610 Improving Web Database Access Using Decision Diagrams Denis Popel FULL
611 Automated Detection of Internet Usage Policy Violation Samir Al-Khayatt FULL
612 Research of WAP Clients Support Set Payment Protocol Liang Jin FULL
614 A New Digital Report for Disseminating Meeting Outcomes Manuela Aparicio SHORT
615 A security analysis for label switching routers Mohamed Al-Ibrahim FULL
616 Democratic Data Fusion for Inforamtion Retrieval Mediators Yannis Tzitzikas FULL
617 CBR-based Collaborative Interface Agents: Architectural Issues Rushed Kanawati SHORT
618 Keep it Small and Smart Abdulmotaleb El Saddik FULL
619 Connectionist Approach for Website visitors Behaviors Mining Khalid Benabdeslem FULL
622 Creation of a personal space with Hy Web Map Imad Saleh SHORT
705 GOMSE: A Group Oriented Modeling and Simulation Environment Brahim Belattar SHORT
706 Automatic Signature files update in Antivirus software using Active Packets Akbar Buhari SHORT
708 CSPRSGs Strength Measures based on the Classes of Transformation Hamid Mohamed SHORT
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