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Up to 100% scholarships and financial aid for incoming nursing students at LAU (Update)

LAU’s new Nursing School encourages high schoolers to join its founding class at a Beirut-campus event, following a similar Nursing Day in Byblos last week.

Following the success of the Nursing Day in Byblos last week, a similar event was held on the Beirut campus, on March 17.

Overall, around 250 students from more than 15 Lebanese high schools attended the two events, to learn about LAU’s new School of Nursing, its undergraduate program, and its multiple financial-aid opportunities.

The school’s founding dean, Dr. Nancy Hoffart, and faculty informed the students about the benefits of studying nursing at LAU, including an interdisciplinary curriculum — the first in the Middle East — that will give nursing students the opportunity to study with medical and pharmacy students, and practice in state-of-the-art labs and other facilities. The school is also offering incoming students a special financial-aid package, with reduced tuition fees and a high financial-aid rate.

nursing-day2010-08-big.jpgHundreds of high school students from around the country participated in the Nursing Day at LAU Beirut on March 17, and learned about the opportunities offered to the incoming students of LAU’s new Alice Ramez Chagoury School of Nursing.

nursing-day2010-09-big.jpgDr. Nancy Hoffart, founding dean of LAU’s Nursing School, demonstrates CPR techniques to high schoolers participating in the Nursing Day in Beirut. Hoffart comes to LAU with 18 years of experience in the United States. Learn more about the founding dean.

Posted March 12, 2010—

Dozens of high schoolers from around the country attended the Nursing Day on the Byblos campus, March 10.
The students had the opportunity to check out the site where the Medical and Nursing facility is being constructed, during a Byblos-campus tour.
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LAU’s highly anticipated Alice Ramez Chagoury School of Nursing, which will open its doors in fall 2010, invited high school students to learn more about its B.S. in Nursing program, during the “Nursing Day” held on the Byblos March 10, which will be followed by a similar activity in Beirut next week.

During a two-hour session at the Selina Korban Auditorium, students had the opportunity to listen to and meet the school’s faculty as well as nurses from LAU’s University Medical Center - Rizk Hospital.

“Our purpose here is to teach you about the role and responsibilities of nursing in today’s society,” said Dr. Nancy Hoffart, the school’s founding dean, while welcoming the students.

“But really our biggest goal is to recruit you to our program,” she added. “We want bright young men and women in our program like I’m sure all of you represent.”

The program’s curriculum will integrate interdisciplinary material while allowing students to train alongside their peers from the Pharmacy and Medical schools in labs and at the medical center.

“LAU is the only institution in the Middle East that offers this kind of interdisciplinary course,” said Rita Doumit, a nursing faculty member.

“Nursing students will share classes with medical, pharmacy and nutrition students where they will have the opportunity and privilege to build up the confidence and skills to work as a member of a health care team,” Doumit added.

All students accepted to the nursing program will automatically have 50 percent of their tuition covered by the university, while those who cannot afford to pay the other half will be eligible for financial aid that could cover a portion or the rest of their tuition based on their financial situation.

“LAU, from the president on down, is committed to making this program a success,” Hoffart said.

Donors have begun making commitments to the new school. One donor has offered to pay the tuition of four students, and another promised to cover an additional two students.

“Not only are these donors concerned about the students’ financial needs,” Hoffart explained, “but they also want to make a difference for the nursing profession by improving the status and stature of nursing here in Lebanon.”

After the presentations, students were invited outside to learn basic techniques of CPR and blood pressure testing.

On March 17, the team from the nursing school will hold a similar event at LAU Beirut’s Irwin Hall Auditorium.

For more information on the undergraduate nursing program, please email the Nursing School.


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