Emergency Financial Aid Fund

Giving Impact in the Words of Students and Graduates

LAU supporters have the power to dramatically transform the lives of our students. Here’s a glimpse of donor impact in the words of our students and graduates.


“Because of LAU, I now look at the world with a different lens — a lens of genuine curiosity and positivity. I trust the kindness and the beauty of the world and every day I look forward tomorrow, and it all goes back to the scholarship that allowed me to attend LAU.”

—Tala Lakiss
BA Education ’20

“I owe a lot of who I am today to LAU and USP. I wouldn’t have been able to attend such a renowned academic institution and a school of leadership par excellence such as LAU without such support.”

—Fidaa Al Fakih
BS Management ’14, MA International Affairs ’20

“I will never forget what the LAU community has done for me, and I am forever grateful.”

—Karen El Boustani
Sara Khatib Inspiration Award Recipient, BS Pharmacy ’17

“My degree at LAU was made possible thanks to my Honors Scholarship and the financial aid I received during my studies. If it weren’t for such support, I would have never made it to where I am today. LAU’s BS and Honors Programs gave me the tools for excellence in my research projects, and a solid research knowledge base to apply to my master’s program in Paris.”

—Rita Sarkis
LAU Honors Program, BS Biology ’17, MA Biomedical Engineering and Class Valedictorian, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland

“I proudly say that I am a LAU graduate every time someone asks me, especially during my current role as a Graduate Assistant in the Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics at the University of Texas. Here and now, I can fully grasp the global recognition that LAU has established for me and all of its alumni around the world.”

—Emile Naous
BE Civil Engineering ’20

“My scholarship has been a determinant factor of my choice of institution. It has also one of the main drivers encouraging me to maintain high Academic standards.”

—Racha Doumit
BS Mechanical Engineering ’21

“My scholarship was one of the main reasons I decided to remain in Lebanon as the exorbitant fees requested in the USA were way too high. Had I not stayed in Lebanon, I would have turned my back on the country, instead of wanting to change it for the better.”

—Laeticia Kamel
BS Economics ’20

“LAU gave me all that I could have asked for in terms of aid and scholarships. Making everything so much easier and convenient is something I’m very grateful for at LAU.”

—Anthony Al Arif
BS Economics ’20

“The USAID program has provided me with the chance to study in one of the best universities in the Middle East, LAU.”

—Ahmad Khazaal
BS Business ’20

“My scholarships at LAU, coupled with the world-class education the university offers, helped me embrace the entire university experience. Now, my life-term goals are inspired by the LAU motto: to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”

—Yves Mrad
BS Biology ’19, MD ’23

“My dreams have no bounds, thanks to LAU and the support it has given me. Now, the sky is my only limit.”

—Carla Ghanem
BE Computer Engineering ’21

“I can simply say that without my scholarship, I could have never been able to study at LAU and take on such an incredible journey that helped me grow exponentially.”

—Marianne El Awar
BA Social Work & Community Development ’20

“LAU allowed me to study comfortably throughout my cancer battle, and offered me extraordinary support from doctors, teachers, and the administration. Without them, I wouldn’t have made it.”

—Tatiyana Haddad
BS Marketing & Hospitality ’18

“Had I not been given my scholarship, there’s a good chance I would not have joined LAU, and therefore would have missed all the truly life-changing experiences that the university offers.”

—Saria Bechara
BS Biology/Psychology ’20

“I can’t imagine my education, or what my career would have been, without LAU. For that, I will never stop giving back.”

—Akram Kheirallah
BS Information Technology Management ’12