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Graduate Success Stems from Donor Generosity

Our graduates go on to study at prestigious universities and secure coveted professional roles thanks to the skills and knowledge instilled by our institution.

More importantly, our graduates were able to access such a high-quality education only because of vital scholarships and financial aid that has been provided by our generous network of donors. The below graduates highlight our donors’ impact in transforming the lives of our youth and helping them follow their dreams post-LAU.

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martine-abboud.jpegMartine Abboud

LAU President’s award recipient; European Forbes 30 under 30; Oxford PhD
BS Biology ’13, PhD Chemical Biology – University of Oxford

Dr. Martine Abboud’s academic distinction and outstanding leadership skills helped her receive the LAU President’s Award and a full merit-based scholarship during her undergraduate studies at the institution. After graduating from LAU with a BS in Biology in 2013, she continued to the University of Oxford, where she earned her PhD in Chemical Biology, and where she now works as a junior research fellow co-supervising students as well as teaching and conducting her award-winning research.

She recently landed a spot in the Science and Healthcare category of the 2019 Forbes 30 Under 30 European list, and says, “My success today is, in part, due to my LAU education.”

Her journey towards the success she has achieved today began at LAU, and Dr. Abboud credits the institution and the financial aid she received during her studies with helping open for her the many doors she passed through to flourish today.

akram-kheirallah-2.jpegAkram Kheirallah

IBM Project & Delivery Manager
BS Information Technology Management ‘12

Now a Project and Delivery Manager at IBM in Paris, France, Akram Kheirallah has made the most of his journey since graduating from LAU, to the prestigious position he now has at the prominent tech company. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology Management (ITM - formally MIS) from LAU in 2012 with the support of financial aid.

He traces his successes – which include receiving his Project Management Certification (PMP), achieving a Master’s degree from the Sorbonne in Paris, and working as a consultant for prominent companies around the world including Altran, BNP Paribas, General Electric, L’Oreal, Alten, Orange, and Peugeot- Citroën – back to LAU.

Throughout his busy and thriving career, Kheirallah has shown appreciation to his cherished alma mater. He regularly gives back to the institution to help ensure that other students can have the same enriching experiences he did throughout his undergraduate degree. “I can’t imagine my education, or what my career would have been, without LAU. For that, I will never stop giving back,” he says.

tatiyana-haddad.jpegTatiyana Haddad

Cancer Survivor, Zomato Content Analyst
BS Business Studies ‘18

“LAU allowed me to study comfortably throughout my cancer battle, and offered me extraordinary support from doctors, teachers, and the administration. Without them, I wouldn’t have made it,” says LAU alumnus Tatiyana Haddad, who is a remarkable example of the wonders that financial support to the institution can make of its most qualified and driven students.

Though she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer during her undergraduate studies, Haddad never let life’s hurdles get in the way of her success. The recipient of financial aid including an athletics scholarship and support from her work-study program, she excelled at her studies despite her tough personal battles, and she is now finally cancer-free.

Haddad now works as a Content Analyst at Zomato, the international restaurant aggregator and food delivery start up, and has helped the company maintain its booming success over the last few years in Lebanon and around the world. She still links her success at the company back to alma mater, and the financial support she received throughout her studies. “My experience at LAU played a great role and helped me shape into the person I am today,” Haddad says.