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The University on the Hill: The Remarkable Evolution of a Small Women’s College into a World-Class University

In this first-ever LAU commemorative book, history comes alive on the page through the voices, experiences and memories of those who were a part of its growth from a college on a hill to the university of the 21st century. Past and present are juxtaposed in a display enriched by no less that 700 images, certifying that the university has remained true to its roots and its mission to serve the youth and the community through the decades and its many iterations.

A unique record of never-before heard voices, and never-before seen archival material, The University on the Hill will rekindle the memories and stir the emotions of faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends of LAU – both former and current – without whom we would not be here today.

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The overarching intention of this book is both to salute and honor the members of the LAU family who, throughout its history, have been animated by an exemplary determination to give without expectation of reward. Ultimately, this book serves as a testimony to all who chose to travel with this institution on their life journey.

President Emeritus Joseph G. Jabbra

These narratives reflect not only the continued social and cultural diversity of the LAU community over the years, but also testify to the institution’s unique role in the region as an advocate for women’s education and empowerment reaching back to the early 20th century and extending well into the current 21st century.

Editorial Team