Spaces to Live and Learn

Want a place to study? Want to take a book home? Find it in our open stacks and check it out at the circulation desk. It’s free.
For those who like working out, there are tennis courts, a gym, dance rooms, a swimming pool, and more.
Whether you are planning to study medicine, nursing, nutrition or pharmacy, you will benefit from invaluable learning opportunities at LAU’s Medical Centers.
Music rooms and theaters cater to the artists on campus.
When you need to take a break, you can enjoy the greenery outdoors or use one of the various lounges, cafeterias, and cyber cafés on either campus.
Learning is best when it’s hands-on. Our students have well-equipped studios, labs of all kinds, simulation centers, writing/learning centers, computer facilities at their disposal.
Exhibition rooms regularly host student works as well as guest artist collections.
Last but not least… parking lots are available for students on both campuses.