Study at LAU

Graduate Programs

Discipline Degree Offered in # of Credits
Applied Artificial Intelligence (online) MS Online 30
Applied and Computational Mathematics MS Beirut and Byblos 30
Applied Economics MA Beirut 30
Biological Sciences MS Beirut and Byblos 30
Business Administration MBA Beirut and Byblos 39
Business Analytics (online) MBA Online 33
Business Law LLM Beirut 30
Civil and Environmental Engineering MS Byblos 30
Computer Engineering MS Byblos 30
Computer Science MS Beirut and Byblos 30
Computer Science (online) MS Online 30
Education MA Beirut 30
Global Business Administration (online) MBA Online 33
Healthcare Management (online) MBA Online 33
Human Resources Management MS Beirut 30
Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management MS Byblos 30
Interdisciplinary Gender Studies MA Beirut 30
International Affairs MA Beirut and Byblos 30
International Construction Management (online) MS Online 30
Islamic Art MA Beirut 30
Mechanical Engineering MS Byblos 30
Medicine * MD Byblos Variable[1]
Migration Studies MA Beirut 30
Nutrition MS Beirut and Byblos 30
Pharmaceutical Development and Management MS Byblos 36
Pharmacy PharmD Byblos 201[2]


[1] The MD program is four years long.

[2] The PharmD program is 27 credits after completing the full BS in Pharmacy program.

* Pending completion of registration formalities with the New York State Education Department.