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EEE results

The December 8 results are out.



Applying for… Deadline
Admission for fall 2019 (regular) January 31
Admission for fall 2019 (late) July 15
Financial aid (new students) for fall 2019 April 15
U.S. Federal Loans for 2018–2019 June 30
University Scholarship Program (USP VIII) March 29
Refugee/Displaced Scholarship Support (RSS) March 29


Applying for… Deadline
MA in Multimedia Journalism March 30 
MS in Molecular Biology March 1 (regular)
June 1 (late)
MS in Pharmaceutical Development and Management July 15 (for admission and graduate assistantship)
All other majors Contact the Admissions Office for information
Graduate assistantship – Multimedia Journalism June 15
Graduate assistantship – all other programs Contact your school for information
U.S. Federal Loans for 2018–2019 June 30