About LAU

Strategic Plan

Over the next five years, the Lebanese American University is committed to the following four strategic priorities.

Pillar 1: Enhance LAU’s Scholarly Footprint and Visibility

Driven by its pursuit of research excellence, LAU shall embark on a journey to lift the impact of its research and scholarly activities. In this pillar, LAU shall consider focusing and sharpening its research areas, enhancing the university reputation and visibility, promoting strategic interdisciplinary research, and improving university and subject rankings.

Pillar 2: Educate for Impact

Guided by the urgency to prepare our students for the rapid global transformations resulting from the fourth industrial revolution and numerous political issues as presented by the UN SDGs, LAU shall continuously assess and improve its programs starting with the LAU Insignia up to all the existing programs while proposing new ones (undergraduate, graduate, in-person, hybrid, and online).

Pillar 3: Innovate to Inspire

Driven by the continuous change in the way our students learn and the implications for teaching, LAU shall build a culture that promotes innovative approaches to education; incentivizes educators to embrace disruptive thinking; and inspires students to become future leaders of innovation.

Pillar 4: Advance and Educate Beyond Boundaries

Driven by the current crisis and the fact that LAU is becoming a large institution relative to our shrinking local economy, the University shall establish a meaningful and sustainable presence beyond the Lebanese borders through offering distance education options, creating branch campuses, and cooperating with partner institutions in host countries. LAU will also seek to solidify its external relationships in particular with large local and regional businesses through the LAU Industrial Hub and a business-to-business approach that will improve student recruitment and job placement as well as enhance the University’s continuing education arm.