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Financial Aid and Scholarships

Need-Based Financial Aid

At LAU, we believe that all eligible students deserve an excellent education, regardless of financial limitations. LAU allocated a generous budget, possibly the highest in the region, for financial aid and scholarships for the upcoming academic year. LAU is committed to helping you fund your education regardless of your nationality, race, gender, religion or ethnicity.

We encourage you to apply for financial aid as early as possible.

Financial Aid is a package composed of the following elements:

LAU Grants

LAU provides the following grants:

Donors’ Grants

These grants are created through the generous donations of LAU benefactors.

Educational Loans 

LAU is the only educational institution in Lebanon to offer educational loans as an additional financial support for its students.

The educational loan helps plan the financing of up to 10% of tuition fees. It carries zero interest while the student is registered at LAU, and a minimal interest rate (usually half the market rate) after he/she graduates, with a repayment period up to 9 years.

The loan does not replace financial aid; it is in addition to the financial aid package that students receive.

US Federal Aid

US Federal Aid: are fixed-rate student loans from the US Department of Education for undergraduate and graduate students attending university at least half-time. Subsidized, Unsubsidized, and PLUS loans can be granted to students from the United States of America who choose to study at LAU. View the details of the US Federal Aid.

Application Process and Eligibility 

To be eligible for financial aid, your financial aid application must be accepted and you must maintain the eligibility requirements mentioned below.

How to Apply

Step 1: Prepare the required documents that should be submitted with the financial aid application.

Step 2: After applying to LAU and activating your Portal, you can apply to financial aid through the Portal or via this application.

Step 3: Print the completed (hard-copy) application, sign it and submit it along with the required documents to the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office.

Step 4: Attend an interview with the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office.

Eligibility Requirements

Semester Eligibility: you may benefit from financial aid up to the total number of regular semesters depending on the length of the program. Summer terms are included. If you are a freshman student, you may be granted 2 extra semesters over and above their required program length.

Semester Credit Load: A minimum course load of 12 billed credits per semester unless you are graduating this year.


The student will lose their financial aid package if: