About LAU

Strategic Plan

LAU’s third strategic plan, known as SPIII, will serve as the university’s roadmap to the year 2022. It provides a set of long-term goals intended to:

  1. enhance LAU’s build-up of intellectual capital
  2. deploy an integrated program of pedagogical innovation
  3. move in the direction of transforming LAU into a university without borders

These three strategic goals constitute the three pillars of the plan and can best be viewed as main tributaries converging into one mainstream: namely the positioning of LAU by the end of the plan as a leading regional institution of higher learning thanks to what would then be the increased quantity and quality of its research, the cutting-edge innovation of its delivery strategies, and its collective drive towards expanding its academic and professional footprint beyond Lebanon.

The future for which SPIII will prepare LAU is bound to be far more competitive, globalized, digitized, and characterized by having a more crowded higher education landscape.

The main question of how to positively assert our institutional identity remains unchanged. It is hoped is that by the end of the plan in 2022, LAU will still be a comprehensive university that excels in teaching — its main focus as enshrined in Pillar Two. What is meant to change, however, is the research stature of the university. Moving our research standing from “sound” to “strong” is a key objective of SPIII.