Academic Advising: Your Personal Roadmap

Clarity about your next steps reduces stress: Our professional advisors empower you to develop a course plan consistent with your individual interests and abilities. They also support students who need to overcome any academic challenges through the Academic Success Center.

Academic Success Center

Free of charge academic tutoring services are available for you to help you if you are facing difficulties in certain courses. There is no limit to the sessions you can attend. Tutors are academically excelling students from various majors and they are appointed by their respective departments. Tutors will answer any questions you may have regarding the course material. They will clarify course content and enable you to study on your own. They will review your work and provide feedback.

During Fall 2018, the Centers in Beirut and Byblos assisted 1,000 students from different Schools through the tutoring sessions.

Types of Tutoring and Learning Outcomes:

If you are a current student, please check the sessions offered on Portal.