Counseling Services

COVID-19 update: LAU Counseling is now offering individual online sessions via WebEx and Zoom, or any other platforms deemed appropriate, confidential and reliable.

Counseling at LAU helps you power through your university years. Starting with the school-to-college transition and all its emotional baggage, to dealing with anxiety such as that associated with remote learning, university counselors equip you with essential tools to effectively manage current and future problems.

Sessions are strictly confidential and free of charge for all students. They are typically scheduled once a week and may expand over several weeks depending on the objectives identified by the counselor. 

When should I seek help from a counselor?

If you are experiencing one or more of the following concerns:

What types of counseling services are offered at LAU?

How will a counselor at LAU help me?

Counseling at LAU offers you the chance to:

While knowing that all the information discussed during counseling sessions: