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Part-Time Faculty Position, Engineering

School of Engineering
Campus: Beirut
Date: Fall 2017 (August 28, 2017)

The School of Engineering in Beirut Campus invites applicants for a potential part-time faculty position to teach engineering courses as listed below effective Fall 2017.  Candidates are preferred to have an earned Ph.D. degree in the related field of the course from a reputable University. However, holders of a Master’s degree with extensive professional experience may be considered. Preference will be given to candidates with experience in teaching at the undergraduate level. Currently, the School in Beirut Campus is in need of part-time teaching faculty for the following courses:

CIE302 - Structural Analysis I Classification of statically determinate/ indeterminate structures; deflections using the principle of virtual work; introduction to matrix algebra, analysis of statically indeterminate structures using Flexibility Method and Stiffness Method; Prerequisite: CIE202 Mechanics of Materials.

CIE303 - Structural Analysis I – SOFT Structural analysis using commercial software; computational model for trusses and frames: load cases, supports, and linear static analysis. Results visualizations and assessment: axial force, shear force and bending moment diagrams; deformed shapes. Co-requisite: CIE302 Structural Analysis I  

CIE308 - Construction Materials Introduction to the geological origins of construction materials and the effects of geological processes. General considerations on the use of materials in construction, required properties, selection, testing, design, and quality control of civil engineering materials. Design and testing of ordinary Portland cement concrete, asphaltic concrete, masonry, steel, and wood construction; overview of composites and other materials in civil engineering. Prerequisite: CIE202 Mechanics of Materials. 

CIE361 – Surveying Basic measuring procedures for distances, elevations, angles, bearings, and azimuths; theory of measurements and errors, leveling, and mapping; construction and topographic surveys, traverses, adjustment and closure, subdivision of land; area and volume computations; road surveys: coordinate systems, triangulation.

CIE362 - Surveying – Lab Students will apply in the field concepts learned in class, including basic measuring procedures for distances, elevations, angles, bearings, and azimuths; theory of measurements and errors, leveling, and mapping; construction and topographic surveys, traverses, adjustment and closure, area and volume computations.

MEE211 - Engineering Graphics An introduction in the basics of 2D drafting, sketching and pictorial views, orthographic multiviews, auxiliary and section views, dimensions, drawing layouts and presentations. Basic use of a computer aided drafting software (such as AutoCAD). 

MEE212 - Computer Applications in IME This course is design to introduce students to powerful computational software such as MATLAB and MATHMATICA and to database systems. Students will learn how to write MATLAB and MATHEMATICA programs for Industrial and Mechanical engineering applications. Array definitions and manipulations, user-defined functions, solution of differential equations, plotting, and several built in functions will be covered. 

MEE301 – Thermodynamics This course covers the basic concepts of work and heat, systems and control volumes, pure substances, equation of state, first law for systems, steady flow Energy equation, second law for systems and control volume, and entropy.

MEE321 – Material Properties and Processes This course covers the mechanical, and physical, properties of engineering materials (metals, ceramics, and polymers), which are explained through their structures. Topics include strength and ductility, crystal structures and defects, phases, and heat treatment. The course includes a revision of theories and principles of atomic structure and chemical bonding. 

MEE351 – Computer Aided Design This course covers the numerical design chain encompassing conceptual design techniques & methodologies, sketching, geometrical modeling, design specifications and product assembly. Course includes projects tailored towards using CAD software for designing mechanical engineering products. Prerequisites: MEE211 Engineering Graphics.

The Lebanese American University is an Equal Opportunity Employer operating in Lebanon under a charter from the Regents of the State University of New York. Information about the University can be found at http://www.lau.edu.lb.

Interested candidates should apply electronically by sending (1) a letter of interest highlighting relevant background and experience and (2) a detailed curriculum vitae to Dr. Jean Chatila, Beirut Campus Engineering Programs Coordinator, email: jchatila@lau.edu.lb. Use the following Subject in the email: Engineering-Beirut Part-time Teaching.

Review of applications will begin immediately and will continue until the vacancies are filled.

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