Governance and Administration

Office of the President


President’s Priorities

We know that in our dynamic and interconnected world, the demands on students today are much greater than those on other generations. But with those demands also come great opportunities. Here at LAU we want to prepare our students for the challenges and prospects brought by technological innovations and a changing marketplace. 

That is why we developed our Third Strategic Plan (SPIII), which follows from our first two plans and encompasses the need to build, innovate and extend beyond our gates. The three main pillars of SPIII are: building our intellectual capital - including with research and innovative methods; deploying an integrated program of pedagogical innovation; and transforming LAU into a university without borders. 

Our Board of Trustees retreat in January 2017 led to us further honing our strategies to prioritize branding, articulate our positioning and key differentiation, and achieve financial sustainability.

Strategic Planning

The world is changing, and with it the job market. Here at LAU, we are not content to send our graduates out into the working world with just a traditional education. We prepare them for a complex and sometimes volatile world in which the speed of change is breakneck, and the presence of Artificial Intelligence is a given. Amid the 4th Industrial Revolution, SPIII ensures we continuously expand our intellectual capital, enable the modernization of learning, and project LAU’s mission beyond campus gates.

LAU’s Global Presence

We are a global university in a global village. We know that today’s students can expect high mobility and intense interconnectedness in their future careers. And the more they learn about different cultures, leadership models and types of civic engagement, the better prepared they will be to take on the world and make it a better place. 

We have study abroad and exchange partners on every continent. We have tremendous diversity among our faculty, and our student body is nearly 20 percent international. And from right on our campuses, we offer programs that instill in future leaders the values of civic mindedness and global citizenship.

LAU’s Development Campaign

We believe that no student accepted into LAU should have financial obstacles to getting the education they deserve. That is why we have the most diverse financial aid package in Lebanon, with scholarships and grants based on need, merit, skill, performance and more. We are able to offer this support thanks to the generous backing of a passionate and involved community of givers. Their donations help make LAU accessible to brilliant future scholars from all walks of life. 

Our capital expansion plan also requires significant effort. Our two campuses are constantly keeping up to date with the growth of our academic programs. We provide ever-expanding amenities such as dedicated labs, new athletics facilities, adapted libraries, innovation hubs, and immersive and experiential learning environments to best serve our current and future students and faculty.

We are also moving ahead with the execution of an integrated strategic plan between the Gilbert and Rose-Marie Chagoury School of Medicine and the LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital, which calls for significant investments in infrastructure, facilities, clinical practice and more.