Academic Calendar

Registration and Advising

Before you proceed with your registration, please make sure to:

  1. Generate a new Degree Evaluation to guide you with the choice of courses.
  2. Check your class on the Portal under My courses and register according to the schedule below. When calculating the number of credit passes, exclude credits registered for the current semester. The following table helps you identify credit hours you have already completed.
Classification Credit Hours Completed
Freshman (1st year) 0 – 29
Sophomore (2nd year) 30 – 59
Junior (3rd year) 60 – 89
Senior (4th year) 90 – 119
5th year 120 – 159
6th year 160 & above
  1. Check for holds:
    1. If you have a Financial Hold, please refer to the Business Office.
    2. If you have an Academic Hold or any other type of holds, check at the Registrar’s Office Helpdesk.


Registration is according to student’s class:

Dates Activity and Classes
Tuesday January 12, 2021 Advising for NEW students
Wednesday January 13, 2021 Registration for NEW students
Wednesday January 13, 2021 Registration for RETURNING students and Professional-year pharmacy students for Spring 2021
Wednesday -Thursday January 13-14 Advising & Registration of professional-year pharmacy students for Spring 2021
Thursday-Friday January 14-19, 2021 Late Registration and DROP/ADD for Spring 2021
Wednesday-Friday January 20-22, 2021 Late Registration for Spring 2021 continues
Wednesday-Thursday January 20-21, 2021 Permissions for class capacity Overrides will be facilitated by School Chairpersons. (Details will be posted on School Portals before January 20)
Monday January 25, 2021 Collection of statement of Tuition fees for Spring 2021 begins