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Faculty: Clinical Genetics

This position is no longer open.

Deadline for Applying: August 1, 2020

Position Summary:

The Gilbert & Rose-Marie Chagoury School of Medicine at the Lebanese American University and the LAU Medical Center facilities seek an experienced senior physician with expertise in the field of Clinical Genetics and Genomic Medicine. The school is seeking highly qualified and motivated full-time faculty members who are committed to innovative teaching, academic advising, research, and institutional and community service and with leadership experience in clinical genetic service to establish and lead  a Human Genomic Program. The candidate is required to have a publications track record in top tier journals alongside the ability to attract grant funding in the field of human genetics. The candidates are expected to teach genetics, conduct clinical and basic research, contribute to the development of an advanced genetics program, and perform clinical services to the LAUSOM affiliated Medical Centers in the field of human genetics as well as academic services to the school and the University. Previous teaching experience in molecular biology and genetics to undergraduate and graduate students is required.

Minimum Qualifications:

Application requirements:

Prospective candidates should apply electronically by submitting the Faculty On-line Application at the following URL: