LAU Health Clinics

We have introduced various measures to optimize safety measures for the entire LAU community, through:

  • Enforcing wearing a face mask while on campus, maintaining physical distancing, and reminding everyone to frequently wash their hands.
  • Scheduling tele health appointments for cases that do not require care in-person.
  • Regularly cleaning and disinfecting the healthcare facility, including the waiting area, examination room, and the equipment used following every visit.
  • Providing recommendations to minimize the risk of virus transmission on campus and performing contact tracing for confirmed COVID-19 cases.The LAU Health Clinics provides primary health care to students and serves as an information resource for the campus community through its organization of several health-related campaigns each year.

The LAU Health Clinics are your one-stop shop for health advice, personal wellbeing, medical consultations and resources for the health and wellness topics you care about the most.

What Services Will I Have Access to?

Do I Have to Pay a Fee to Benefit from The Services?

All students at LAU are medically insured for emergencies and hospitalization. Insurance fees are paid once a year along with tuition fees. You are exempted from some of these fees if you have medical insurance outside the LAU insurance plan.

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What About Confidentiality?

All consultations and medical records are dealt with strict confidentiality: student medical records will never be discussed or released to anyone without the student’s consent; medical and academic records are not connected in any way.