The Stoltzfus Funds

William A. Stoltzfus, president from 1937 to 1958 of the institution that is known today as the Lebanese American University.
William A. Stoltzfus with AJCW faculty in 1938.
William A. Stoltzfus speaks at Beirut College for Women commencement, 1951.
Ethel, Lorna, and William Stoltzfus.
Left: William and Janet Stoltzfus. Right: President Emeritus Riyad F. Nassar meets with James Stoltzfus in Coronado, California, 2001.
At the dedication of the William A. Stoltzfus Garden in 2022.

The Lebanese American University is deeply indebted to the Stoltzfus family for their service and generosity. In 1937 William A. Stoltzfus became president of the American Junior College for Women, and since then his descendants have honored his memory and the memory of other family members by creating four endowed funds. The proceeds of these funds are dedicated to needy and deserving students and are distributed to qualified recipients:

The above-mentioned funds were set up in honor of William A. Stoltzfus and his wife Ethel. When they first met, Ethel was a Presbyterian missionary working in an orphanage in Lebanon. Their partnership was integral to the success of the American Junior College for Women and the Beirut College for Women during those tumultuous early years.


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With a current balance of over $1.4 million, these funds have continued to support LAU students during one of the most trying times in Lebanese history. Year after year, students benefit from the fund’s annual proceeds of over $59,000. Help us add to this impressive total, and join a legacy of dedication and service that will exist in perpetuity. Students who stand out in their studies and contribute to society will remain at LAU thanks to your help.

Philip Stoltzfus, who currently chairs LAU’s Board of Trustees, wrote this of the institution:

“LAU matters in a way that is true of only a handful of institutions in the world. LAU is a trusted place in a society which has lost faith in most of its institutions, and it has achieved this trust through a century of delivering on its promise to the Lebanese people.”

We are so grateful to the Stoltzfus family, and ask for your support by contributing to one of these worthwhile funds in their honor. As Philip Stoltzfus says, “No institution today is doing more for Lebanon than LAU. Please join us.


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For further information, please contact LAU’s Development Office in New York:

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LAU has 501(c)(3) status. All donations are tax-deductible in the United States.