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The Buddy Program

I am an international student. I need a Buddy!

A Buddy will be there to help you before your arrival and during your stay in Lebanon. Your Buddy facilitates your integration in the campus life at LAU and encourages you to meet, interact and engage with the community in Lebanon.

If you want a Buddy, please fill out this form.

Meet your Buddy!

Walid AboulHosn

Meet Walid AboulHosn, a mechatronics engineering major on the Byblos campus. His hobbies include camping, snorkeling, hiking and off-roading. He is also highly interested in motorsports.

I joined the Buddy Program to help guide international students through a great experience during their stay at the LAU. It is nice to get to meet people from new cultures and learn about their traditions and history. I would like international students to experience the diversity of my country and people by going across Lebanon, and I want them to leave with great memories and the motivation to visit again!

Lara Abou Znad

Meet Lara Abou Znad. She is studying architecture on the Beirut campus. Her hobbies include horseback riding, swimming, singing and camping.

Well, my life is full of activities and experiences that I would like to share with people from different cultures and countries! I am so open to knowing and living every experience of other friends, and I am so excited to show my new friends the activities and adventures one can live in our country! 

Hussein Al Malla

Meet Houssein Al Malla. He is majoring in political science/international affairs on the Beirut campus. When he’s not working, swimming, being funny 76.5 percent of the time or dancing a rhumba, he can usually be found devising schemes to become the Permanent Representative of Lebanon in the United Nations.

The reason why I joined the Buddy Program is very simple: “Hakuna Matata.” It means “No worries for the rest of your days.” It’s the Buddies’ problem-free philosophy! I wanted to be part of the team that makes Lebanon the second home for internationals!

Fatema Al Saffar

 Meet Fatema AlSaffar. She is majoring in Economics on the Beirut campus. Her hobbies include reading books, stargazing, and trying new food.

The Buddy Program gives me the opportunity to lend a helping hand to other international students like myself so they don’t feel alone. Also, I joined the program to expand my global culture by meeting different people from around the globe; whilst also educating them on what a beautiful country Lebanon is.

Julia Aridi

Meet Julia Aridi. She is studying architecture on the Beirut campus. Her hobbies include reading, swimming, hiking, volleyball, photography, sketching and debating.

I chose to become a Buddy to interact with different people from different cultures, and to help make students’ lives easier while moving to a foreign country, knowing that it’s very challenging.

Hasmig Ayvazian

Meet Hasmig Ayvazian. She is studying nutrition on the Beirut campus. Her hobbies include dancing, reading and playing tennis.

A while ago I got an email from the Office of International Services at LAU asking for volunteers in the Buddy Program. I was so excited to participate. It is an impressive way to support students, provide them with a safe and friendly environment and assist them with the knowledge and accessibility of various LAU services. Personally, I love to be involved with international students, and I believe this is a golden opportunity that can lead to a brighter future with new ideas and new people.

Ghida Beydoun

Meet Ghida Beydoun. She is studying bioinformatics on the Beirut campus. Her hobbies include food tasting, swimming, photography, reading and stargazing.

When I first heard of the program I loved the idea of helping and supporting foreign students discover Lebanon and LAU. Plus, I am planning to go for a semester abroad, so this program will be helpful to me.
When I started planning and course searching, I realized that the process is not easy and demands a lot of work. So, to every outgoing or incoming student who arrives at a point that makes them want to give up, you should just put your doubts aside and believe that it is worth it. I know that because I was in your shoes. And I am here to assist any outgoing or incoming student in doubt as a Buddy.

Judi Dalati

Meet Judi Dalatia multimedia journalism major on the Beirut campus. Her hobbies include reading, debating and cooking.

As an MEPI scholar, it was a complete new experience moving to a different country and living independently. That is why I was interested in joining the Buddy Program and helping international students to have a smoother transition. I think it is also a great chance to meet new people from different countries and cultures.

Liza El Helou

Meet Liza El Helou, who is studying psychology on the Beirut campus. Her hobbies include playing instruments and sports, reflecting, and thinking deeply.

The Buddy Program enables me to widen the scope of guidance I provide for internationals among the age groups. It also adds to my knowledge of countries besides my own. We, as students, face difficulties during the course of our education, especially when in a culture not our own. As a Buddy, I work on preparing students interested in studying abroad, whether inside or outside Lebanon. I am also here to welcome and introduce you to my part of our beloved Earth. 

Mira El Saleh

Meet Mira El Saleh, a nursing student on the Byblos campus. Her hobbies include reading, swimming, hiking, sightseeing, listening to classical music, and adventurous experiences.

During my first year at LAU, I realized that the process of planning and registering for my semester was hectic and confusing for a newbie. That is why I jumped at the opportunity to become part of the Buddy family, to help international students have a smooth transition to LAU and make them feel at home. Also, as a MEPI student since day one, I had the opportunity to meet non-Lebanese students, which triggered my interest in discovering new cultures, and I was excited as well to introduce them to my beautiful country and its history.

Sabine Faress

Meet Sabine Faress. She is studying business on the Beirut campus. Her hobbies include dancing, singing, reading and writing.

During my first year at LAU, I got the opportunity to meet many non-Lebanese students. I got to interact with them and get to know them not only during classes but outside as well, learning about their cultures and informing them about mine. I loved to interact with them, and this is what made my first year very interesting and fun at the same time. So, when I had the chance to become a Buddy, I signed up without hesitation.

Abdelmajid Hayi

Meet Abdelmadjid Hayi. He is majoring in business on the Beirut campus. His hobbies include writing, photography and seeking out learning experiences. He also considers himself an active member of society, as he’s been organizing and leading initiatives in both Algeria and Lebanon. 

I joined the Buddy Program for the following reasons: as an international student at LAU, I would like to share my experience and guide international students coming to LAU to have the best experience possible, in addition to meeting new people and learning from this experience.

Reem Hasbani

Meet Reem Hasbani. She is studying Psychology on the Beirut campus. Her hobbies include reading, swimming, hiking and exploring new cultures.

The Buddy program gives me an opportunity to meet new friends and encounter people from different nationalities. My love for cultures encouraged me to participate in this program in which I can share my culture and explore other students’ cultures. It is also a beneficial experience where students can feel engaged, committed and work on improving some skills such as group work, effective communication and contributing in the student life.

Dima Helou

Meet Dima Helou who is studying international business on the Beirut campus. Her hobbies include dancing, swimming, hiking and camping.

I joined the BUDDY Program because I have been on exchange more than once, and would love to help others with what I have learned to make their lives easier. I also love meeting new people from different backgrounds, and this is a great opportunity to do that. I want to show students the beauty of this culture and explore the beauty of theirs. I myself am an international student here, and I love to learn about different cultures!

Trivina Kassis

Meet Trivina Kassis, who is majoring in nutrition on Beirut campus. Her hobbies include piano, boxing and drawing. She also loves traveling and exploring new places.

I joined the Buddy Program because I was once an international student and understand how hard it is to feel comfortable in a different society, and I would like to make that transition as easy as possible. Other than that, I would love to learn more about the culture they come from, benefit from their experiences and broaden my perspective.

Abdelbasset Jalaleddine

Meet Abdelbasset Jalaleddine, a computer engineering major on the Byblos campus. His hobbies include watching series, developing android applications and exploring the latest technology.

I joined the BUDDY Program to meet new people and help international students coming from abroad to gain new connections. Also, I’m interested in discovering new cultures and learning about countries.

Karim Mrad

Meet Karim Mrad, who is studying computer engineering on the Byblos campus. His hobbies include reading, watching series, and all sorts of musical activities (Rock all the way!).

I joined the Buddy Program to meet new people and make lifelong friends. There’s just something amazing about helping people and guiding them, and I get to do that on a daily basis while volunteering for the program. I also get the chance to be introduced to different cultures and traditions.

Rama Omar

Meet Rama Omar. She is studying pharmacy on the Byblos campus. Her hobbies include digital art, design sketching, piano, hiking, and camping.

I chose to join the BUDDY Program to have the opportunity to make new friends. Making new friends from different cultures can be very rewarding, because you can broaden your ideas and ways of thinking. You can learn new skills and gain new knowledge, and feel empathy for people who live in a different place to you, but who are still part of the one human race. I am happy to be part of this experience, to explore, and to meet new friends.

Haya Otba

Meet Haya Otba. She is studying architecture on the Byblos campus. Her hobbies include camping and adventurous activities.

I joined the Buddy Program to help incoming students, since I myself came to Lebanon to study at LAU, and I believe that if there had been someone to help me then, it would’ve made it much easier. I already live alone, so I am also familiar with the difficulties they might face. My aim is to help the students get to experience what I experienced in a smoother way.

I am an LAU student. I want to become a Buddy!

Local students are encouraged to help the international students with any questions before their arrival and during their stay in Lebanon. They provide the friendly face, helping hand, and first Lebanese friendship that can make a world of difference for new arrivals. Buddies can also offer linguistic support, cultural guidance and information about life at LAU and in Lebanon.

The program also allows students returning from an international experience to support fellow students in their preparations for their semester abroad.

At the start of every semester the OIS hosts a Buddy meeting for the participants of the program.

Buddy activities include: