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The Buddy Program

I am an LAU student. I want to become a Buddy!

Local students are encouraged to help the international students with any questions before their arrival and during their stay in Lebanon. They provide the friendly face, helping hand, and first Lebanese friendship that can make a world of difference for new arrivals. Buddies can also offer linguistic support, cultural guidance and information about life at LAU and in Lebanon.

The program also allows students returning from an international experience to support fellow students in their preparations for their semester abroad.

At the start of every semester the Office of International Services hosts a Buddy meeting for the participants of the program.

Buddy activities include:

I am an international student. I need a Buddy!

A Buddy will be there to help you before your arrival and during your stay in Lebanon. Your Buddy facilitates your integration in the campus life at LAU and encourages you to meet, interact and engage with the community in Lebanon.

If you want a Buddy, please fill out this form.

Meet your Buddy!


Meet Ahmad Sous. He is studying hospitality and tourism management on Beirut campus. His hobbies include swimming, watching sci-fi movies, and listening to music.

I chose to join The BUDDY Program for various reasons like meeting new friends from different cultures, introducing the real beauty of my country Lebanon, and leaving a positive and unforgettable experience of what Lebanon and LAU have.


Meet Balsam Ghareeb, studying political science and international affairs. Her hobbies include basketball and outdoor activities like hiking.

I chose to join the Buddy program because I love Lebanon and its beauty and I always look forward to spreading this message about my home country. I know moving to a new country can be challenging, but as a Buddy, I get the chance to facilitate the experience of international students during their stay in Lebanon and simultaneously meet new friends and get to know more about their countries.


Meet Baraa Noubani. She is majoring in business-accounting on Beirut campus. Her hobbies include sketching, hiking, and reading.

I chose to join the BUDDY program because providing support for international students throughout their stay in a foreign country can help them adapt to the cultural differences and can make their journey much smoother and interesting. It’s always rewarding to provide the best you can by showing foreigners the beauty of our country Lebanon.


Meet Carl Daou. He is studying computer science on Beirut campus. His hobbies include sports such as tennis, ping-pong, rugby as well as camping and cycling.

I chose to join the Buddy Program because first, my mother being French, I can understand the difficulties that international students are facing and will be able to assist them in their campus and off-campus life. Second, to have the opportunity to make new friends and connections. As a Buddy, I will be able to introduce international students to the magnificent locations in Lebanon while getting to know each person’s hobbies and preferences.


Meet Elie Awad. He is majoring in civil engineering on Byblos campus. His hobbies include playing soccer, photography and hiking.

I chose to join the Buddy Program because I had been exposed to an international environment as a student at a German school in Lebanon. I also feel honored to help international students discover my lovely country. I am passionate about culture and tourism, and I know that the program will provide me with great memories and experiences with people coming from overseas. The best way to get to know a country is to speak and live with locals, so exchanging ideas and knowledge with international students is ideal. As a Buddy, I am ready to show the best face of Lebanon to our foreign friends!


Meet Fadi Srour. He is a mechanical engineering student on Byblos campus. His hobbies include all sports fields and cooking.

I joined the Buddy program to help introduce international students to our beautiful country and culture.


Meet Giovanni, who is studying political science on Beirut campus. Giovanni’s hobbies include genealogical research, numismatics, cooking, reading about historical events, TV shows and old Hollywood movies.

I chose to join the Buddy Program for many reasons: I love meeting new cultures and learning about people’s background and traditions. I would also like to teach everything I learned as an international student in Lebanon, discuss Lebanese culture and if anyone is interested, Brazilian culture too.


Meet Josee Rizkhallah. She is studying mechanical engineering on Byblos campus. Her hobbies include anything related to music.

I chose to join the Buddy Program because I saw it as an opportunity to socialize, meet people from different countries, and help them feel welcome at a time when they need it the most. I am excited to assist international students and support them throughout their stay.


Meet Mariella Mansour, third-year industrial engineering student at Byblos campus.

When I first started university, I felt really overwhelmed by everything around me because it was all new, from the  registration processes to new material and campus life, and I thought of how hard it must be for international students where the country poses a big barrier. For that reason, and after two years at LAU, I feel like I’m ready to offer my time and enthusiasm to the Buddy program and help international students, as much as I can, make the most out of their semester. I like Latin dancing. I also teach it. I also like to play piano, listen to music, go hiking and camping, and swimming.


Meet Mira Hoteit. She is studying biology on  Beirut campus. Her hobbies include playing soccer, traveling, going on road trips with friends and trying new restaurants.

I chose to join the Buddy program for a couple of reasons. First, because after two years at LAU, I still haven’t had the chance to meet non-Lebanese students, and I believe that it is very important to meet people of different cultures.

Second, because I see Lebanon as one of the most diverse and beautiful countries in the world, and I would love to make international students see it the same way I do, and ensure that they have a smooth, memorable and fun experience.

MBour mery.jpg

Meet Mohmad Abumery. He is studying business with emphasis in Information technology management. His hobbies include photography, soccer, and fitness.

I chose to join the Buddy program because I have always loved to help international students settle down and feel at home at LAU. I also enjoy listening to their life stories, get to know their culture, and different perspectives that would really build a community full of diversity and unity.


Meet Mohamed Mehdi Merbah. He is studying bioinformatics on Byblos campus. His hobbies include reading, writing and watching movies and TV series.

I joined the Buddy Program because I, myself, am an international student and I understand the difficulties that face internationals in terms of language and cultural differences. I feel that helping others going through experiences similar to mine is a way of giving back, and makes me feel part of a larger community.


Meet Nechan Gourghigian, enrolled in a dual emphasis at Beirut campus: entrepreneurship and finance.  Nechan’s hobbies include hiking and snowboarding.

I chose to join the Buddy program to meet people from different cultures and help them enjoy discovering Lebanon and its beauty.


Meet Noor Tofailli. She is a fourth-year political science and international affairs student minoring in economics on Beirut campus.

I love to travel, meet new people, hike, explore and learn new things. I wanted to become a Buddy because I know how it can be coming alone to a new country to study and how important it would be to have a Buddy be there for you.


Meet Rama Sharkas. She is majoring in pharmacy on Byblos campus. Her hobbies include drawing, hiking, camping, watching movies.

I chose to join the Buddy Program because, during my first year at LAU, I realized that the process of planning and registering for my semester was hectic and confusing. I feel that it is my duty as part of the LAU community to make international students feel at home and help them settle in and enjoy their experience in Lebanon. I am happy to be part of this experience, to explore, and to meet new friends.


Meet Ranim Reda. She is majoring in biology on Beirut Campus. Her hobbies include reading Arabic novels, swimming and learning new stuff.

I chose the Buddy Program because I am totally in love with my Lebanon. I think paving the way for international students to get to know us and our beautiful country better is an amazing initiative. I also want to know more about different cultures from all around the world! I would love to be a part of an international student’s stay at LAU!


Meet Rena Younes. She is studying psychology on Beirut campus. Her hobbies include reading, writing, photography and hiking.

I chose to join the Buddy Program because I believe giving happiness is what makes me happy, and what better way to do it? Through the Buddy program I can help make someone’s stay in Lebanon easier and more enjoyable while keeping them company, by helping them overcome and adapt to change.


Meet Samuel Pereira Neves. He is studying applied physics on Beirut campus. His hobbies include watching movies, TV series, playing sports and Good Food!

I chose to join the Buddy Program because I too am an international student, so I understand firsthand the difficulties faced with language and a different culture. I hope to be able to help incoming students to settle in as smoothly as possible and enjoy the rich campus life as much as I have grown to enjoy it.