Together We Prevail

The brain drain and prolonged crises threaten our survival as a top-ranking, accredited institution and our students’ prospects of obtaining an American-style education in Lebanon. That is why we have launched the Together We Prevail campaign to better communicate our efforts to maintain high standards, retain our best and brightest, and give every deserving student a chance to obtain a world-class education.

Why is it important for us to come together and to prevail?

The LAU community strives to remain firmly anchored in Lebanon, sending out a message of hope for the greater community who chose to stay. We want to safeguard high-quality education and the creative, industrious community that our country has been known for.

What are we up against?

How have we been able to survive so far?

What will it take to prevail?

What actions are we avoiding?

Depleting our savings: the endowment fund. This includes donations that are restricted to specific purposes, such as scholarships, research and development. We operated diligently, responsibly and legally, and therefore use the returns of the endowment fund in a sustainable manner. Put simply, if we were to deplete these funds, LAU would cease to exist in a matter of a few years.