Fees for 2019-2020

Laboratories & Research Fees

This archival page is kept for reference only and it is no longer updated. Please see the latest listings for up-to-date information.

School of Engineering

Description Fees
California Bearing Ratio 63
Compressive Strength on Concrete Cube (Block) 13
Compressive Strength on Concrete Cylinders 12
Consolidation Test 113
Direct Shear Test 45
Extraction of Bitumen by Centrifuge Method 42
Flash Point 25
In Situ Hammer Schmidt 25
LA Abrasion Test 38
Liquid Limit 15
Marshall Test for Asphaltic Concrete 40
Sieve Analysis, with hydrometer 45
Sieve Analysis, without hydrometer 25
Organic Content 32
Ph of Soil 6
Plastic Limit 12
Proctor Compaction Test (Modified) 76
Proctor Compaction Test (standard) 63
Sand Equivalent 25
Shrinkage Limit 23
Specific Gravity 15
Tensile Strength on Steel Bars up to 36mm 25
Tensile Strength on Steel Bars on 25mm 25
Tensile Strength on Steel Bars up to 25mm 25
Triaxial Test 69
Vane Test 38
Water Content 9
Unconfined Compression Test 25
Unconfined Compression Test (with stress-strain data) 63
Mechanical Analysis (sieve Analysis) 25
Absorption 12
Clay Lumps 25
Petrographic Analysis 227
Soundness, coarse and fine aggregate (sand)(per cycle) 50
Organic impurities in fine agg. Standard color Method 15
Organic content 32
Light weight pieces 38
Flakiness 44
Elongated 44
Stripping 38
Aggregate crushing value 38
Normal Consistency of Portland cement 25
Time of setting of Portland cement 25
Soundness of cement paste 25
Compressive strength of Portland cement (7&28Days) 63
Compressive strength of capped concrete cylinders testing & casting 20
Compressive strength of concrete blocks 20
Compressive strength of concrete blocks on net area 20
Absorption of hollow blocks 15
Porosity 15
Flexural/Modulus of rupture / transverse strength of concrete tile 25
Compressive strength of rock 20
Flexural/Modulus of rupture/ transverse strength of rock tile 20
Absorption of rock 15
Tensile strength test of steel bars with stress strain graph 38
Bending test of steel bars 38

Engineering Laboratories (Environmental Laboratory)

Description Fees
TSS 19
DS 11
TS 11
BOD5 23
COD 23
Nitrogen 37
Phosphorous 37
Pathogens (coliform) 12
pH 7
Alkalinity 9
Heavy Metals - Hg, Cd, Cr, Zn, Pb - (per test) 16
Environmental Monitoring Station (excluding technician & transportation) 127
Innova Series, Portable Gas Monitor (CO, NO2) (per day) 127
SKC, PM10 Dust Monitor (per day) 127
Lab Technician (per day) 96

Packaging Tests

Description Fees
Box Compression test (BCT) 38
Edge Crush Test (Ect) 38
Mullen Burst Test 38

The following discounts are applicable for engineering:

School of Arts & Sciences


Water microbiological testing — per sample

Description Fees
Total flora: EN ISO 6222 (07/1999), using Plate Count Agar, HPC 35
Escherichia coli & Coliforms, using RAPID’E.coli 2 agar 50
Other specific microorganism 60
Total Carbon (TC)/Total Organic Carbon (TOC) 40

Food Microbiological Testing

Per sample

Description Fees
Total flora: NF EN ISO 4833 (05/2003), using Plate Count Agar  30
Escherichia coli & Coliforms: ISO 16140 + AFNOR & AOAC-RI validation, using RAPID’E.coli 2 agar 50
Salmonella: ISO 16140 + AFNOR & AOAC-RI validation, using RAPID’Salmonella agar 50
Staphylococcus aureus: ISO 16140 + AFNOR & AOAC-RI validation, using RAPID’Staph agar 50
Other specific microorganism 58
Microbial quality control/test 58

Molecular Identification & Typing

Description Fees
16S rDNA sequencing - molecular identification of bacteria and yeasts (per sample) 150
ITS typing of bacteria and yeasts by sanger sequencing (per sample) 100
MLST typing of bacteria and yeasts by sanger sequencing (per sample) 300
spa typing of S. aureus by sanger sequencing (per sample) 150
PCR analysis 120


Description Fees
Biochemical identification of bacteria and yeasts (API, RapID) 58
Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing - Disc Diffusion, per isolate (6–8 discs) 50
Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing - E-test, per isolate (1 strip) 30


Description Fees
DNA extraction, per sample 30
DNA/RNA Quantification (NanoDrop or Qubit), per sample 5
Real-time qPCR - Quantification, per sample 50
Sanger Sequencing (starting material: PCR product), per sample 100
Sanger Sequencing (starting material: samples in sequencing plate ready to load on Genetic Analyzer 3500), per well 8


Description Fees
Lab technician/day 122
Lab technician/day (+ field work) 182


Description Fees
Peptide Mass Measurement – high resolution Single sample 25
Up to 25 additional samples 125
Protein Mass Measurement Single sample 50
Each additional sample 20
High Molecular Weight Organic/Inorganic samples Single sample 20
Up to 25 additional samples 50

Chemistry Laboratory (Water Analysis)

Description Fees
Alkalinity, per sample 20
Nitrate, per sample 20
Phosphate, per sample 20
Sulfate, per sample 20
Chloride, per sample 20
TDS, per sample 15
Metal (AAS), per metal/sample; minimum of 50 samples 16
IR analysis and solid sample, per sample 30
Chromatography Technique (GC/HPLC/Ion Chrmatography), per technique/sample 50
XRF analysis of metals in solid samples, per sample analysis
(each sample analysis can report up to 15 metals)
Total organic carbon analyzer of solid and liquid samples, per sample analysis 30
Elemental analysis of solid samples (N, C, H, S elements), per sample analysis 30
NMR Structure analysis (1D and DEPT) Per sample  
1H 30
13C 50

Research Animals

Description Fees
Mice (BALB/c, C57BL/6) 10
Rats (Sprague dawley) 10