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Scholarships and Financial Aid for Graduate Students

Available Options for Graduate Students

School of… U.S. Federal Loans* Student Employment Graduate Assistantships Merit Scholarships     Grants      Educational Bank Loans
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Pharmacy   MS   Pharm D Pharm D

*only for U.S. citizens

Graduate assistantships cover a portion of tuition in exchange for academic work. They are granted based on academic performance. Students apply for assistantships at their respective schools. Please see Academic Rules and Procedures for more details and check the webpage of the program or school you are applying to for application instructions and deadlines.

Merit scholarships are granted to the top applicants of each entering class, based on a specific academic criterion. Tuition coverage ranges from 25% to 100%. The availability and application of merit scholarships is part of the admission application process at the Gilbert and Rose-Marie Chagoury School of Medicine.

Grants cover a part of tuition, and are assigned based on financial need. 

Educational Bank loans, in accordance with agreements with certain banks, allow students to benefit from interest-free loans during their years at LAU. The interest is borne by the university until the student’s exit date, after which it is paid by the student. 

Deadlines for Admission and Assistanship


Applying for… Deadline

Financial aid for the academic year 20-21 
Pharm D

Deadline passed
Admission Application for MA in Multimedia Journalism April 15
Admission application Contact the Admissions Office for information
Graduate assistantship – all other programs Contact your school for information


Lebanese Armed Services

LAU and the Lebanese Armed Services have partnered to offer officers, members and retirees of the Lebanese Armed Services, in addition to their spouses and children, access to LAU’s graduate programs for 50 percent of the cost per credit. View the application.