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Dr. Michel Khoury

Assistant Provost for Strategic Planning and Academic Initiatives and Partnerships

Dr. Michel Khoury is Assistant Provost for Strategic Planning and Academic Initiatives and Partnerships. In his role, he assists the Provost in coordinating the implementation of LAU’s strategic plan and monitoring its progress, as well as in supporting the university’s efforts in building partnerships with local and international universities, organizations, and corporates. He is also a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the School of Engineering (SOE).

Prior to assuming his position at the Provost’s Office, Dr. Khoury served as Associate Dean of the School of Engineering. In this capacity, he coordinated the management and implementation of the school’s strategic plan, including management of school facilities and infrastructure. He led efforts to modernize SOE curricula and played a pivotal role in launching new programs, such as the Engineering Pre-Med (ENPMED), in the BE Biomedical Engineering, and the BE Petroleum Engineering. Dr. Khoury also served as Chair of the Industrial and Mechanical Engineering department for six years, and as coordinator of the Petroleum Engineering and Mechatronics engineering programs. In his capacity as chair, he led the ABET accreditation renewal for the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering programs and established the MS in Mechanical Engineering degree program. He substantially grew the faculty size, introduced strategic state-of-the-art lab equipment, and accommodated and contributed to the growth of the department student body. Dr. Khoury also worked towards endorsing the high standards of the SOE programs by securing multi-program registration at the New York State Education Department.

His contributions to the School of Engineering include as well the establishment of the ProGreen diploma at LAU, a joint program with AUB and AUC, and the co-management of the Vertically Integrated Projects at LAU, a multi-disciplinary, multi-rank MEPI TLP program designed to equip students with the tools that help them create startups and boost employability.

Dr. Khoury has a score of publications in top-notch refereed journals. His research expertise is in turbulence modeling and Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations of wind turbines. He created a research cluster at LAU that works on wind energy engineering. He has also been involved in numerous professional service activities, such as serving on advisory committees for international conferences, and as an ABET Program Evaluator for mechanical engineering programs representing ASME. He holds a BS in Aeronautical Engineering, an MS in Mechanical Engineering from the Middle East Technical University, and a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Lehigh University. 


Dr. Michel Khoury
Assistant Provost for Strategic Planning and Academic Initiatives and Partnerships
Lebanese American University
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