Office of the President

Presidential Search

Position Summary

The President of the Lebanese American University is a pivotal role that demands visionary leadership, strategic acumen, and academic foresight. The President will be institutionally ambitious with a focus on academic excellence, financial stability, and operational growth. As the chief executive of the university, the President is responsible for upholding the institution’s mission, values, and traditions, while navigating the challenges and opportunities of higher education in a complex global landscape.

The President will be tasked with enhancing LAU’s academic reputation, ensuring financial resilience, and fostering a culture of innovation and ambition. Excellent stakeholder engagement and relationship building skills coupled with the ability to navigate the socio-economic and political complexities of Lebanon will be key to success in the role. Given the university’s strong ties to the American education system and its unique position in Lebanon, the President will need to move seamlessly between those two cultural and educational contexts.

The President will lead LAU’s strategic planning and execution, while driving the university toward achieving its long-term goals. This includes expanding LAU’s global footprint, enhancing its research capabilities, and maintaining its commitment to educational excellence and community service. The President will also play a crucial role in resource mobilization, fundraising, and building partnerships with local and international organizations. In fulfilling these responsibilities, the President will work closely with the Board of Trustees and maintain a strong, collaborative relationship with the Chairman.

Key Relationships

Reports to 

Board of Trustees

Direct reports 

President’s Cabinet

  • Provost
  • Vice President for Finance
  • Vice President for Administration
  • Vice President for Student Development and Enrollment
  • Vice President for Business Development and Global Affairs
  • Vice President for Health Affairs
  • Vice President for Global Advancement
  • Vice President for Institutional Advancement

President’s Office

  • General Counsel and Head of Compliance
  • Assistant to the President for Public Policy
  • Assistant to the President for Institutional Research & Assessment
  • Senior Advisor to the President for Public Affairs
  • Assistant to the President for Special Projects

Hospitals Chief Executive Officers

  • CEO of LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital
  • CEO of LAU Medical Center-Saint John’s Hospital

Other key

  • Faculty, Students, Staff, and Alumni
  • Government Officials in Lebanon
  • Government Officials in the United States

Key Responsibilities

Strategic Leadership and Vision. Crafting and implementing a strategic vision for the university that aligns with its mission and goals. This involves leading the university’s growth, driving academic excellence and innovation, and ensuring LAU’s continued and increased prominence in higher education.

Academic and Administrative Oversight. Overseeing all academic and administrative functions of the university. Ensuring the highest standards of teaching, research, healthcare, and support services are met, minimizing bureaucracy, and ensuring systems and processes are in place that allow people to do their best work.

Financial Stewardship. Managing the university’s finances, including budgeting, resource allocation, and financial planning. The President will work towards enhancing financial stability by developing new revenue sources and expanding existing ones.

Community and International Relations. Building strong relationships with various stakeholders, including government entities, academic institutions, and industry partners. Representing LAU at national and international forums to enhance its visibility and reputation.

Organizational Culture and Human Resources. Fostering a positive organizational culture that is animated by a strong sense of purpose, a commitment to learning, and a drive for results. Overseeing human resource policies and practices to attract, retain, and develop top talent.

Crisis Management. Demonstrating effective leadership in times of crisis, ensuring the safety and well-being of the LAU community while maintaining the continuity and expansion of the university’s activities.

Desired Outcomes