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Applying for an Additional Bachelor’s Degree or Diploma

Check the deadlines

Applying for… Deadline
Admission for summer 2024 Deadline passed 
Late admission for fall 2024 July 15, 2024
Financial aid application for fall 2024 - New students  June 25, 2024
Athletic Scholarship for fall 2024 Deadline passed


Prepare required documents and pass entrance exams

All applicants must submit:

  1. A recent passport-size photo.
  2. A clear photocopy of your identity card or passport. (should be the same as the nationality to be used in the registration process at LAU).
  3. A clear photocopy of your Family Civil Status record (For Lebanese and Arab nationals)
  4. A copy of your bachelor degree.
  5. Official updated university transcripts from all universities you attended, along with course descriptions of all completed courses.. Request your university to send us an official online copy of your transcript. If this option is not available at your university, upload a copy of your transcript in a one file document and request your university to mail your Official transcript to our mailing address.
  6. Certified copy of your official diploma, (Lebanese Baccalaureate, French, International Baccalaureate Diploma, High School Diploma, and G.C.E.s etc.) and the official Lebanese Equivalence obtained from the Ministry of Education in Lebanon.
  7. If you are a U.S citizen or U.S. Green Card holder you must submit along with the application the W-9S form that can be downloaded from the IRS website, with proof of your social security number. With this information, LAU is able to provide U.S. students (or parents of dependent students) with Form 1098-T that is used for American tax purposes.

In addition:

* Please contact the Admissions Office for this information.

Learn how to prepare your documents to upload them on the online application. 

Important Notes

Pay the application fee

Application fee of $40 can be paid online using debit or credit cards (Visa or Mastercard only), or in cash through OMT or at BLOM Bank.