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Financial Aid and Scholarships

At LAU, we believe that all eligible students deserve an excellent education, regardless of financial limitations, nationality, race, gender, religion or ethnicity. Together, scholarships and financial aid packages can cover up to 100% of your LAU tuition.

We encourage you to apply for financial aid and scholarships as early as possible.


In a Nutshell

$100 Million+ allocated for SCHOLARSHIPS and FINANCIAL AID packages

70%+ of students benefit from one or more forms of FINANCIAL AID / SCHOLARSHIP

2,100+ students are on SCHOLARSHIPS

1,500+ students receive SAT/Entrance and Honor SCHOLARSHIPS covering between 10 & 50% OF TUITION

600+ students benefit from MEPI and USP SCHOLARSHIPS

300+ students receive BACC SCHOLARSHIPS covering between 25 & 50% OF TUITION

165+ students benefit from ATHLETIC Scholarships

123 students benefit from Merit Scholarships covering 100% OF TUITION