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International Applicants

I. Students coming to LAU to earn a degree

The Office of International Services provides support for incoming international students seeking to enroll at LAU to earn a degree. Follow the steps of the regular admission process. Once accepted, please contact the Office of International Services for a smooth start.

Scholarships are available for international students. 

II. Exchange/Erasmus students

If you are coming to LAU through one of our partner universities or through Erasmus projects, please follow the instructions below.

Check the required documents and entrance exams

Submit a complete application

Fill out an online application and make sure to specify the type of application as “Exchange Application.” Once the application is complete, we will process the acceptance letter and send it to your mailing address.

Course offerings

Consult the course offerings for your semester, fill out your learning agreement, and send it to us. Please note that Campus 1 stands for Beirut Campus and Campus 2 stands for Byblos Campus

The maximum number of credits you can register for is 18 for undergraduate students and 9 for graduate students.

The SINARC program in Beirut is a full 14-credit program. You may register in it as a replacement for regular courses.


First, meet with your advisor, to get approval on your courses.

To register your courses, pass by the Office of International Services on your campus and fill out a Registration Form according to your signed Learning Agreement.

Check the academic calendar for advising- and registration-related dates and deadlines.

Always check your final schedule in the LAU portal under Registration > Student Detail Schedule, to make sure your courses are indeed on your record. Also do this if you come back later to make a change.

Tuition and fees

The payment of tuition fees at LAU for exchange students is usually organized by the agreement between LAU and the other international institution. Although tuition for the courses is waived based on the agreement, exchange students might still be charged other fees such as: Medical insurance ($279*) /NSSF ($135*)/School Liability ($15*). To view your other fees and settle them, you need to follow the steps on the Student Portal in “My finances” tab , or else your courses will be automatically deleted.

* These fees are tentative and are subject to change, please reach out to the Office of International Services for more details.  

III. Visiting/study abroad students

If you are an international student coming to study at LAU for one semester or one year, and there is no exchange agreement between your home university and LAU, please follow the instructions in this section.

Prepare the required documents and entrance exams

If you have successfully completed the equivalent of at least 12 credits at your home university, you will not be required to sit for the SATI. However, you might be required to sit for an English proficiency exam (depending on your home university/college). View the equivalence table for the different entrance exams

Complete and submit an application

Online Application*

*Please make sure to specify the correct type of application when you create your account: “Study Abroad Application.”

Guide for international students 

Please refer to this brief guide for incoming international students.