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Financial Aid and Scholarships

Student Employment

Employment in university offices is an additional form of financial help. Students apply directly for jobs posted by various LAU departments in a portal. Being on financial aid is not a prerequisite for student employment.

Note: You can benefit from student employment starting your second semester at LAU.

How It Works

LAU offices advertise their openings in the Student Employment Portal (requires login), where students can apply for the openings that suit them. Supervisors may interview candidates before hiring them.

Once you start, you fill out an electronic timesheet daily. At the end of every month, the timesheet is validated by your supervisor and your salary is disbursed. You can work up to 20 hours per week if you are an undergraduate student and up to 32 hours per week if you are a graduate student. 

The entire set of rules and processes regulating student employment is detailed in the Student Employment Procedure (requires access to LAU’s portal).