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Adjunct Faculty, Fine Arts & Foundation

This position is no longer open.

The Department of Art & Design and the Foundation Program at the School of Architecture & Design at the Lebanese American University, Beirut campus is now accepting applications for Adjunct Faculty Position in the Fine Arts and Foundation programs forthe academic year 2019-2020.The Fine Arts program and the Foundation program (a common platform to all entering students in Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Fashion Design and Fine Arts) are seeking faculty to teach the following courses. Interestedapplicants should have prior experience in teaching.

Art 233 - Art Education [2-2, 3cr.]

Course Description:This course is a survey of the principles, materials, techniques, and resources for teaching art to children. Emphasis is on the extensive variety of art media suitable for young children, such as clay, paint, collage, and drawing.

ART341 - Painting I [0–3, 3cr.] 

Course Description:Introduction to painting procedure. The course includes detailed studies from still life, landscape and the human figure. 

FND201 - Drawing for Foundation [0–3, 3cr.]

Course Description:The purpose of this course is to discover the exploratory potential of visualizing thinking through hand drawing. Students’ skills in drawing as mimesis and as perception are emphasized. The course delves into traditional and conceptual transcription, using drawing as a primary mode of inquiry and perception. Through different drawing exercises, students will be introduced to the study of chiaroscuro, perspective, nature, object, materials, textures and principles of composition. Each student will be expected to complete a black book series that demonstrates their mastery of basic drawing skills. 

FND231 - Design Studio IA [2–2, 3 cr.]

Course Description:This studio emphasizes on visual perception through an initiation into the different modes of two-dimensional representation and formal analysis of the basic elements of visual language, such as: point, line, shape and figure/ground structure, colour and the effects of light on forms. Exercises in this studio are intended to sharpen the student’s perception of shapes and forms, and to train the eye and the hand in the process of interpretation and representation of two-dimensional visuals. Supplemented by the analysis of major artworks, this studio introduces a variety of techniques, exploring their possibilities and application.

Minimum Requirements

A Master’s Degree in Arts with teaching experience.

This position will be open in fall 2019, which starts mid-August. 

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Candidates should apply electronically by sending a letter of intent outlining their particular Teaching Pedagogy, a CV, a Portfolio of Student Work and a Portfolio of Personal Work, as well as examples of scholarly work: thesis research, papers, articles, and syllabi of courses taught. The application should be sent to: the job title in the subject line.

Applications deadline: November 30, 2018

Notifications will be sent by: January 21, 2019

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