Fees for 2013-2014

Other Student Fees

This archival page is kept for reference only and it is no longer updated. Please see the latest listings for up-to-date information.

Description Frequency/Basis Fees
Application One application 50
Entrance exams (SEE, FEE, EEE) Per exam 50
Special entrance exams (SEE, FEE, EEE) Per exam 70
Special entrance exams (SEE, FEE, EEE) Per subject 25
Student Association (per year) Per year 178
Late registration (per semester) Per semester 232
Cap/gown – not returned – undergraduate Deposit 200
Official transcript Per copy 7
Unofficial transcript Per copy Free
Reprinting of diplomas Per copy 50
Cover of diploma   15
Reprinting of honor certificates   Free
Registrar’s statements and certificates   4
Financial aid rate Per hour 9.95

Bus transportation

Per semester 350
Per module 100
Monday/Friday(2 trips/week) 100


Byblos staff free  
Beirut staff and faculty Per car, per month 22
Byblos students Per car, per semester 85
Byblos students Per car, summer, per module 30
Byblos graduate students Per car, per semester 50
Byblos, underground parking Per car, per month 22
Byblos, parking ticket Each 6

Other fees – miscellaneous

Library fines Per day (max USD50) 0.5
Library printing Minimum 60 pages 2
  Each additional 30 pages 1
  A3 pages 0.06
Lost books Per book Cost + 50%
Inter Library Loans/Document Delivery Services fees for delivering articles through Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) Per article 15
ILL/DDS fees for delivering books through OCLC Per book 35
Photocopy - A4 100 pages L.L. 5,000
Lost mailbox key   3
Lost ID (faculty, staff, students) One ID 10
Locker’s rent Locker/year 20
Deposit for one locker Paid once 20
Graduate carriage – mobile lockers Per semester 40
Laptops   Replacement cost
iPads   Replacement cost
e-Readers (Kindle, Sony reader)   Replacement cost
Deferred payment fee for non-financial aid students 50