Information for Parents

Offices & Resources

If you have questions or need to follow up on any matters related to your LAU student, you may contact the offices listed below.

Office Matters it deals with (examples) Contact details
Student Recruitment Office
Contact for campus visits
Campus visits Ext. 2162
Admissions Office Applications, acceptances/rejections, requirements for admission, equivalence of foreign degrees, entrance exams, transferring Beirut: Ext. 1355 /
Byblos: Ext. 2532 /
Testing Services Office English Entrance Exam (EEE) Ext. 2399 or 1446 
Financial Aid & Scholarships Office Financial aid applications and interviews, scholarships, loans, grants. Beirut: Ext. 1416 /
Byblos: Ext. 2153 /
Office of International Services Exchange programs, study abroad, coming to Lebanon. Ext. 1349 or 2833 /
Residence Halls (Dorms) Housing applications, deadlines, visiting, rules at the dorms, contacting your child Beirut: Ext. 3200 /
Byblos: Ext. 2501/
Business Office Payment of fees, deposits, deferred payment, application fee. Beirut: Ext. 1203 /
Byblos: Ext. 2144/
Outreach & Civic Engagement MUN, MAL, MEU, soft skills development programs, community outreach. Beirut: Ext. 1844/
Byblos: Ext. 2412 /
Registrar’s Office Student records — grades, transcripts, diplomas, graduation. Beirut: Ext. 1318 /
Byblos: Ext. 2889 /
Dean of Students’ Office Student clubs, activities, student elections, commencement Beirut: Ext. 1101/
Byblos: Ext. 2536 /
Health Services Injuries, illness, emergency hospitalization Beirut: Ext. 1040 /
Byblos: Ext. 2040 /
Counseling Services Help to manage stress, anxiety, loneliness, depression, etc. Beirut: 1705 or 1471/
Byblos: 2413 or 2057/
Career Guidance Office Help with choosing a major, skills for applying to jobs, internship opportunities, placement in companies Beirut: Ext. 1679 or 1635 /
Byblos: Ext. 1668 or 2411/
Athletics Physical education, sports, gyms, varsity teams, competitions Beirut: Ext. 1300 or 1167 /
Byblos: Ext. 2177 /

Office Hours

Information Offices


Opens on Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

Safadi Cultural Center, 2nd floor
Ramzi El Safadi Street, Maarad
847 Tripoli, Lebanon

Phone: 1290 or 06-410014 ext. 222


Opens from Monday to Saturday, from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture of Zahleh and the Bekaa
3rd floor

Phone: 08-800528/9

LAU Directory

If you know the name of the person you need to contact at LAU, you may find them in the university directory.