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Questions & Answers

What degrees are available at LAU?

Please browse our list of undergraduate majors (leading to bachelor’s degrees). In addition, LAU offers more than 37 minors — sets of courses that make up a mini-specialization in a certain subject and are mentioned on the diploma.

What are the fees and when are they paid?

Fees are paid at the beginning of each semester, after the student has chosen her courses. The deadlines are found in the academic calendar.

For most undergraduate students, tuition is calculated as a fixed amount per semester:

For students taking… Tuition is…
1–11 credits calculated per credit
12–18 credits equivalent to 12 credits
Summer courses (any number of credits) calculated per credit

Beside tuition, there may be other fees on your bill. Please see the full list of tuition and other fees.

What is the difference between scholarships and financial aid?

Scholarships are generally given based on merit or achievement, whereas “financial aid” means help that responds primarily to a family’s financial need. Financial aid includes work-study grants, loans, and special grants. Scholarships and aid can be combined to cover up to 100% of tuition. The amounts covered are always deducted from the student’s fees before the payment deadline. Learn more about scholarships and financial aid options.

What kind of support is offered to students?

LAU has several support services to foster a happy and fulfilling academic life. Specialized staff is always available to help with everything from transitioning to university life and choosing a major, to finding employment.

Are LAU campuses safe?

We promote safety and wellness in many aspects of student life by means of these features and services:

Can students spend a semester abroad?

We encourage our students to do so. Spending a semester at a university abroad can be a once-in-a-lifetime educational and cultural experience.

These programs are available for LAU students:

For the list of universities, deadlines, requirements and more details: Please contact the Office of International Services on or 01-786456 ext. 1125 or 2822.

Does LAU receive international students?

Almost 20% of LAU students are from countries other than Lebanon.

Lebanon is a jumble of European and Middle Eastern influences which the Lebanese have transformed into a unique culture of their own.

Despite its small size, Lebanon’s breathtaking geography, rich history, and diversity of cultures make it a fascinating place for young scholars. It’s a great destination for learning Arabic, but it’s also home to many French and English speakers, which makes it easier for foreign visitors to get by.

Learn more about international students at LAU.