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Get a Job and Start Your Career

Network, Network, Network

If you are looking for a job, your networking should be around people who might be of direct or indirect assistance to you in your job search

Where Can You Network?

You may meet your potential employer in many places such as:

  • Fairs or recruitment presentations
  • Conferences, seminars, or workshops
  • Alumni networking reception: Co-organized with the Alumni Relations office, this event is an opportunity for LAU alums to meet with company representatives, swap business cards and discuss career opportunities
  • Social events

Plan Your Networking

  • Try to identify relevant people
  • Select a person who is not speaking with anyone
  • Introduce yourself in a professional manner and make sure to smile

Make the Connection

  • Maintain eye contact
  • Your handshake should be firm
  • Best way to keep a good impression: show liveliness, energy and eagerness to start your career

Ask Questions

  • Ask about the organization
  • Ask meaningful questions about the line of business/industry
  • Ask about the job responsibilities and educational background
  • Ask about the main factors of success

Follow Up

  • Remember names
  • Ask for business cards
  • Send a little thank you card, which will make your new contacts remember you or make you stand out from the crowd
  • Create an opportunity to meet or speak again

Brand Yourself and Stand Out from the Crowd

YES! People can be branded - brands are not restricted for products

  • Your reputation is your most important professional strength
  • Your brand is comprised of your credibility and personality
  • People’s perception will affect their decision whether to offer you a job or not
  • Show off your skills and knowledge
  • Employers look for exceptional people
  • Your uniqueness makes you memorable 

Attend the Career Fair

The career fair is an event that allows students and alumni to network with potential employers from a wide range of industries. 

Before the Fair

  • Prepare your one-page résumé. If you need assistance, you can drop by the career advisors
  • Get a list of the participating companies and research the ones that interest you the most
  • Some company representatives may conduct informal interviews. Prepare a quick introduction of yourself (your name, major, special skills, professional experience). Don’t memorize the introduction; relate it in a natural way
  • Prepare questions to ask the company representatives

Make sure the following items are found in your résumé:

  • Name and family name
  • Address (Building, Street, City, Country)
  • Phone number
  • Email: make sure it is in a professional format such as name.familyname@lau.edu
  • University, degree (Bachelor of Science or Arts), major, minor, date of graduation
  • Mention the semesters where you were listed on honor or distinction lists or your GPA if it is higher than 3.00
  • For all work experience, include your position, company name, month and date you were hired and the month and date you left the job
  • Mention any internship/training you completed
  • Include any relevant experience, volunteer work, social affiliations, etc.
  • Include your computer skills
  • Include your date of birth, nationality and interests
  • Make sure you spell check the whole document
  • Font size is between 10 and 12 (Times News Roman or Arial)
  • Check these samples of CVs

During the Fair

  • Be on time and check your top-priority companies first
  • Business attire is the best way to dress to make a strong first impression
  • Greet employers and introduce yourself with a firm handshake and good eye contact if the event is in person
  • Share your résumé and be prepared to start answering questions
  • Follow up by showing interest in the company and asking pertinent questions. Make sure you ask about the company, the majors that interest them the most,  whether they have current job openings, and if they offer a training for new recruits
  • Remember that honesty is the best policy
  • Ask the right questions. Your questions will depend on your goals (career exploration vs. job search). Sample questions may include:
    • What qualities and background are you looking for in employees?
    • I am currently a sophomore, so I have I some time to plan ahead, what courses would you recommend someone take before being hired as a ________ (depends on your major)?
    • What is the application process for your organization?
    • Do you have a business card I can have for future reference and contact?
  • Before leaving, ask for a business card or contact details so you can send a follow up thank-you letter. It’s also a very good way to develop your contacts
  • Fairs are always a good way to network. Networking is an efficient way to build your professional contacts. Networking with people from particular industries can be very beneficial in exploring your career options

After the Fair

  • Keep an accurate record of the contacts you made
  • You will make a strong impression if you follow up with the employer by sending a thank-you letter within two to five days after the Career and Internship Fair
  • Be prepared for a formal interview, as most employers attend the fair to select potential employees

Check out the LAU International Career Portal

Set up your account on JobTeaser, the LAU International Career Portal, to:

  • Apply to jobs and internships in Lebanon and abroad
  • Follow companies that you are interested in and get invited to their events
  • Sign up for career workshops and events taking place on campus and online
  • Book appointments with LAU Career Advisors
  • Gain access to a wealth of career advice