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More Jobs Available to LAUers

LAU partnered up with the American Creativity Academy (ACA) in Kuwait to increase job prospects for students interested in a teaching career. The ACA was on Beirut campus for two days, which featured a recruitment presentation targeting biology, chemistry, physics, math, computer science and education majors, as well as an information booth to introduce their work to the community.

Career Readiness Hits a High Note

As early as their first day of classes, LAU students are preparing to hit the job market. Career Development Services hosted a series of essential and eye-opening workshops, from ‘Acing the Self-Pitch’ to building communication skills and prospects in graduate studies. The sessions lined a full-day event and were tailored for each group depending on their academic level. 

Career Exploration Continues

LAU’s campuses buzzed with career exploration events and activities this spring, with the most recent being “Explore your major at LAU” hosted by the Natural Sciences Department. LAU faculty and staff informed high-school students about each major, and gave them a tour of campus, as well as labs and classrooms.

LAUers in the Top 10 Percentile

Sixty-five groups of students in the strategic management course at AKSOB made the top 10 percent worldwide out of 1,919 teams competing in the CAPSIM business simulation. Besides managing a simulated company from the R&D phase to production, marketing, HR and finance, the students were evaluated individually in the COMP-XM exam.

Developing a Business Plan

The Department of Management Studies at AKSOB launched a competition across all sections of the Developing a Business Plan course, giving students the opportunity to cultivate innovative ideas, expand their knowledge and develop their abilities. The groups also presented their business plans to jury members.

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