Fees for 2016-2017

Other Fees

This archival page is kept for reference only and it is no longer updated. Please see the latest listings for up-to-date information.

Description Fees
Application (paper) – graduate/undergraduate (L.L. 120,000) $80
Application (online) – graduate, undergraduate (L.L. 100,000) $65
School of Medicine application (L.L. 150,000) $100
Pharm.D. application (L.L. 150,000) $100
Entrance exams (SEE, FEE, EEE) $60
Special entrance exams (SEE, FEE, EEE) $80 per exam
$35 per subject
Student Association $400 per year
Student Association Graduate & Others $220 per year
Late Registration $250 per semester
Official transcript $10
Unofficial transcript Free
Reprinting of diploma $60
Cover of diploma $20
Reprinting of honor certificates Free
Registrar’s statements and certificates $5
Financial aid rate per hour $9.95

Bus Transportation

Per semester $450
Summer $340
Monday & Friday (2 trips per week) $170
Auxiliary Services Nursing Students (per semester) $180

Parking (including VAT; per car)

Byblos Students, Underground Parking Per Semester $175
Per Summer $88
Byblos Students, Outdoor Parking Per Semester $102
Per Summer $52
Byblos Students, - Outdoor Parking Lots A & B Per Semester $102
Per Summer $52
Beirut & Byblos, Staff and Faculty (excluding grades 1–5) Per Month L.L. 66,000
Beirut & Byblos, Staff grades 1–5 Per Month L.L. 33,000

Other Fees / Miscellaneous

Library fines $0.5 per day (max $50)
Library printing Minimum 60 pages N/A
Minimum 100 pages $2
Each additional 30 pages $1
A3 pages/ Black and White $0.17
A3 pages/ Color $1.33
Lost book Cost + 50%
Inter Library Loans/Document Delivery Services fees for delivering articles through Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) $15 per article
ILL/DDS fees for delivering books through OCLC $35 per book
Lost mailbox key $3
Lost ID (faculty, staff, students) $10
Lost Parking Card $10
Locker rent $20 per year
Deposit for one locker (paid once) $20
Graduate carriage – mobile lockers $40 per semester
Laptops, iPads, e-readers (Kindle, Sony Reader) Replacement cost
Laptops, iPads, e-readers (Kindle, Sony Reader) overdue fees $0.50 per hour (max $10)
Research Centers and Institutions subscription fees $1,000 per year
Individual Students enrolled in other institutions subscription fees $300 per year
Individual Research subscription fees $10 per day
Daily charge - Cap & gown late charge $5 per day
Lost graduation apparel Cap $11
Gown $58
Hood $53
Collar $6
Tassel $4
Entire apparel for undergraduate students $140
Entire apparel for graduate students $245
Deferred payment fee for non-financial aid students $50