Iana Skvortsova, BS in Banking and Finance

I received three job offers before graduation.


I first set foot on LAU campus for a training session by the LAU Model United Nations as a high-school student. I remember being very shy back then, and one look around the big campus left me speechless. I knew right there and then that this would be my university.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to study here. LAU opened many doors, and exposed me to the different business specialties: HR, marketing, sales and business development. I ended up in finance and I am now working as a project implementation manager for Procter and Gamble in Moscow.

My career guidance counselor guided me through a placement test, which helped me determine what sort of jobs best fit my personality and skills. When the results came back, I was doubtful about a career path as a business analyst or consultant – but he encouraged, and inspired, me to break stereotypes and show that there was more to my major.

I am confident that many of my colleagues, just like me, felt that they were ready to take on any challenge as soon as they graduated. In fact, I started applying for jobs early on, and by the last day of exams, I had already received three offers. I truly thank LAU for providing the foundation, mentorship, knowledge, and the opportunities that helped me prove myself at a multinational company.

It hurt me to have to leave Lebanon. Every day, I have this urge to go online and book a ticket back for good. I hope my colleagues will not leave Lebanon, despite it being the first thought. I urge them to stay and build the country they would like to see.