Racha Doumit, BE in Mechanical Engineering with Minors in Political Science & International Affairs and Legal Studies

LAU Thrives Through its People and for its People.


Graduating this year has been challenging. As a fresh graduate, I had a hard time grasping the complexity of our situation: a global pandemic, a local political crisis and an economic collapse. For a few months, I faced the dilemma of my generation: pack my bags and leave or stay and attempt to be part of the change I want to see in my country.

After much reflection, I decided to defer my college acceptance and work with the Lebanese Red Cross Disaster Management Sector. Three months into my new job, I can say that I took the right decision. I have learned a lot not only about the disaster management sector, but also about Lebanon.

Working in the field did away with my romanticized image of Lebanon. I now have a better understanding of the intricacies of my country. In a way, this has made me fall in love with it all over again; but this time it is a mature type of love – the type where one can see the flaws and still decide to stay.

My hope is to have young people like me decide to stay and be part of the change. That we evolve past the romanticized image we have of the Lebanon of the 70s. That we accept that our country is broken, yes, but still worth saving. That we embrace the diverse social backgrounds we come from. That we commit to creating wholesome economic development. That we finally see the beauty of our land and preserve what is left of it. In short, I hope that we can each find the inner strength to build the country that we dream of.

Looking back at my time at LAU, I can say that each of the five years I spent there was memorable in its own way. I long for the routine I established on campus. The morning coffee with friends at the Upper Gate. The afternoons spent soaking in the sun near the fountain. The late nights at the library. The early Saturday mornings before Simulation Models training sessions. The trips with the university to New York. 

Throughout the five years, I found in LAU a home, a family. To me, its uniqueness lies in how much it values its youth, talent and human resources. It thrives through its people, for its people.