A newsletter for LAUers forging ahead.

As the academic year comes to a close and we honor our graduates, we cannot but admire the grit, integrity and passion for education that they have shown under circumstances that have challenged the strongest among us.

They have proven to be true champions of the moral and ethical values that their university upholds, steadfast in their pursuit of what is right, and of the education that will help them achieve it.

LAU Now was conceived to bear witness to the dauntless spirit demonstrated in myriad ways by our faculty and staff. Previous editions have illustrated their fortitude during lockdown, in the aftermath of the Port of Beirut explosion, and under the economic crisis. This fourth edition is dedicated to our graduates of 2021 who have inspired us all and renewed our belief that they can, and will, be our hope for the future.

Latest Voices

Racha Doumit, BE in Mechanical Engineering with Minors in Political Science & International Affairs and Legal Studies LAU Thrives Through its People and for its People.
Nagham Abou Zeid, BA in Psychology LAU supported me to fight for my values fearlessly.
Iana Skvortsova, BS in Banking and Finance I received three job offers before graduation.
Kamil Michael Chehayeb, BA in Political Science and International Affairs with a Minor in History Change starts locally.
Jessika Tatarian, BS in Pharmacy I am forever grateful and proud to be an LAU SOP alumna.
Maryse Abi Haidar, BS in Banking and Finance with a Minor in Economics  I have a big vision for Lebanon’s education sector.
Tala El Kayal , BS in Business Information Technology Management We have what it takes to bring about change in our country.
Lara Baz , BS in Banking and Finance with Minors in Economics and Actuarial Sciences What I hope for is a youth-led Lebanon.
Noor Tofailli, BA in Political Science and International Affairs with a Minor in Economics Put yourself out there.
Mohamad Al Khodor, BS in Banking and Finance with a Minor in Economics  LAU has taught us to help each other and our country.
Houssein Yassin, BE in Mechanical Engineering I am determined to help build a better Lebanon.
Marise Abboud, BS in Nutrition and Dietetics Coordinated Program I have always had high hopes for Lebanon, and this has never changed.
Janda Barazi, BA in Political Science and International Affairs On social and academic breakthroughs.