A newsletter for LAUers forging ahead.

Due to circumstances, we, faculty and staff of the LAU community, have been separated from one another, compelled to work remotely without the social contact our professional work thrives on. Dispersed we may be, but we remain united in our purpose and our institution’s mission to serve our students and provide care to our patients.

From the sudden shift to online learning to providing every support to our community, the going has been tough. In LAU Now, faculty and staff speak candidly of their difficulties, efforts and accomplishments which only go to show that, come what may, our university endures.

LAU Now bears witness to the dauntless spirit demonstrated every day in myriad ways by your colleagues across the board. We hope you’ll find encouragement in these narratives — our narrative — and that you will contribute your own, too.

Latest Voices

Nadim Shehadi, Executive Director of the LAU New York Headquarters and Academic Center Knowledge transcends borders.
Samah Rifai, Lead Webmaster, Strategic Communications Department On delivering digital solutions, as the only constant was the unknown.
Jomana Elaridi, Assistant Professor of Chemistry What it looks like now that the boundaries between home and work have dissolved.
Dr. Diane Nauffal, Assistant to the President for Institutional Research & Assessment / Assistant Professor of Education On launching the online English Entrance Exam.
Dr. Ama Sadaka, Clinical Assistant Professor/ Director of Ophthalmology Residency & Co-Clerkship Director of Ophthalmology On social media and e-learning in times of social distancing.
Maria Bahous, Assistant Professor of Practice, Graphic Design How the challenges facing design studio classes were overcome.
Lama Lamaa, Process Development Coordinator, Registrar’s Office Implementing the digital transformation.
Jessie Abou Arraj, Lead Graduation & Records Administrator, Registrar’s Office - Beirut Thank you, COVID-19!
Dr. Nicola G. Ghazi, Clinical Professor and Chairman of Ophthalmology On hospital preparedness for COVID-19, ophthalmic care and innovative teaching.
Dr. Zahy Ramadan, Assistant Professor of Marketing Launching the first online Harvard Case Method Teaching at LAU
Dr. Sola Aoun Bahous, Professor of Nephrology and Associate Dean for Medical Education How hospital rounds and clerkships went virtual, while OSCEs were carried out through a customized hybrid scheme.
The Admissions Team – Beirut and Byblos Swift move to ensure operations continue.
Ahmad Theibich (BSN ’13), Nurse at LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital and LAU Mobile Clinic On serving patients - and the community at large - at the LAU Mobile Clinic.
Roula Hage, Senior Director of IT Applications & Solutions Overcoming the challenge through collaborative, human-centric LAU spirit and leading-edge IT infrastructure.
Rola Sharrouf, Lead Staff Relations Associate – Beirut campus Maintaining a positive outlook to help and support others.
Dr. Lina Abirafeh, Executive Director of the Arab Institute for Women The case for flexible work cultures, and how for some women, home is not safe.
Dr. Lamis Karaoui, Clinical Associate Professor of Pharmacy/Director of Experiential Education Using technology to free up lecture time, putting students’ wellness first and attending to research.
Farhan Al Ghareeb, IT Support Manager Managing the shift with preparedness and relative ease.
Dr. Ali Ammouri, Practice Lecturer of Industrial and Mechanical Engineering Keeping students engaged with gamification, interactive content and customized BB layouts.
Dr. Claudia Kozman, Assistant Professor of Communication Arts Keeping learning hands-on despite the lack of access to research labs.
Dr. Tania El Kallab, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Economics Capitalizing on students’ enthusiasm and resilience.
Dr. Jamal Maalouf, Assistant Professor of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship Setting up office space at home and tapping into new skills.
Melissa Plourde Khoury, Associate Professor of Graphic Design Working collaboratively and planning for studio courses to come.
Dr. Vanda Abi Raad, Clinical Professor/Assistant Dean for Continuing Medical Education (CME)/Director of the Clinical Simulation Center (CSC) On how continuing education, clinical simulations and support for anesthesiologists endured.
Paula Abboud Habre, Senior Instructor of English/Director of the Writing Center The Writing Center’s response to COVID-19.
Dr. Rania El-Haddad, Associate Professor/Director of the Institute of Hospitality and Tourism Management Adapting to the shift while setting realistic goals.
Dr. Joe M. Tekli, Associate Professor of Computer Engineering COVID-19 has inspired research on how to tackle the crisis.
Joumana Haddad, Principal Counselor – Byblos campus Effective virtual counseling.
Samar Aad Makhoul, Lead Accreditation & Continuous Improvement Coordinator Striking a balance between work and family time.
Alan Keirouz, Senior Student Life Project Manager – Byblos campus Encouraging students’ creative ideas to keep student life vibrant.
Aya El Mir, Director of Career Services – Beirut campus Catering to a digitally-native generation.
Dina Abdul Rahman, Director of International Services Supporting and ensuring the safety of international students.
Micheline Saadeh, Lead SINARC Associate How SINARC instructors and students adapted to the lockdown.
Riman Jurdak, Senior Student Life Project Manager Inspiring student clubs during lockdown.
Dr. Jeffrey G. Karam, Assistant Professor of Political Science Lessons to draw from current events.
Norma Mousally, Senior Counselor Online counseling and advice.