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At LAU, you are part of a large and diverse learning community that invites you to experience university life to the fullest: you are protected from all forms of discrimination, and you are welcome to think and express yourself freely. 

With freedom comes responsibility, especially as LAU prepares you for the outside world. Below are some highlights from the LAU Student Code of Conduct to help you navigate this social contract.

Academic Violations: Table of Sanctions 

LAU strongly encourages you to review the below listed violations regarding cheating as stipulated in Student Code of Conduct. 

Code # Violation First Offense Second Offense
2.2.1 Using material or equipment (including mobile phones, electronic tablets, i-pads, calculators, and other devices) that is not authorized by the instructor in an examination, project, or graded assignment zero on the deliverable with a warning F on the course with a warning
2.2.2 Cheating, copying, collaborating with or aiding another Student in a manner not permitted by the instructor on an examination, project, or other graded assignment* zero on the deliverable with a warning suspension
2.2.3 Distributing or aiding in the distribution of previous exams without authorization of the instructor double warning – suspension suspension – expulsion
2.2.4 Stealing, reproducing, or circulating an examination or other graded assignment before it has been administered suspension expulsion
2.2.5 Being the Administrator of a communication platform, adding names to a group communication platform, adhering to a group communication platform engaging in any form of cheating, reproducing exams, providing examination answers before, during, or after the examination has been administered suspension  dismissal
2.2.6 Impersonating another Student or allowing another Student to impersonate one’s self during an examination, presentation, or other graded assignment suspension for both expulsion
2.2.7  Impersonating an assistant, staff member, or faculty member for the purpose of (a) proctoring examinations without authorization or permission or (b) obtaining confidential information regarding coursework or examinations suspension – dismissal  dismissal

*2.2.2 Cheating, copying, collaborating with, or aiding another Student in a manner not permitted by the instructor on an examination, project, or other graded assignment. If a student, graduate or undergraduate, requires additional assistance on any assignment, beyond what LAU provides (including but not limited to: the instructor’s help during office hours, the tutoring sessions of the University’s Academic Success Center, and/or the help of the University’s Writing Center), the student must notify the class instructor and get his/her approval to do so. The student must specify the name of the help provider (be it a peer LAU student, a friend, a parent, a sibling, an alumna/us), external outsourcing, etc.), in addition to the nature and the scope of the assistance that will be provided.

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