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Financial Aid

Educational Loans

Educational Loans are a supplementary form of financial aid offered to eligible students demonstrating financial need. Only students with a declared undergraduate major are eligible for a loan. Intensive, undecided or special students are not eligible.

LAU loans: The University maintains a revolving loan fund as part of the total Financial Aid program. Loans are extended to students, when requested, as part of the total Financial Aid package in accordance with the loan procedure.

Lebanese Educational Bank loans program: Agreements with certain banks allow some students to benefit from interest free loans. The interest amount will be borne by the University until the students’ exit date after which the interest will have to be covered by the students themselves.

U.S. Direct Federal Loans are fixed-rate student loans from the US Department of Education for undergraduate and graduate students attending university at least half-time. Subsidized, Unsubsidized, and PLUS loans can be granted to students from the United States of America who choose to study at LAU.