Dr. Diane Nauffal, Assistant to the President for Institutional Research & Assessment / Assistant Professor of Education

On launching the online English Entrance Exam.

diane-nauffal-LAU-Now.jpgWith standardized tests such as the SAT put on hold during the pandemic, the Department of Institutional Research and Assessment (DIRA) coordinated with Dean of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Cathia Jenainati and colleagues from the Department of English to revise its English Entrance Exam (EEE) developed internally.

Modelled along the lines of the SAT, the EEE is a standardized test that serves as a tool to measure English language proficiency and helps ensure that students admitted to LAU have the required language proficiency to succeed at the institution. During the lockdown period, Ms. Roula Azar of Testing Services worked with IT to put in place a fully online system that enables students across Lebanon to register for the exam remotely.

Although the EEE has been set up online – transforming the original testing experience from a paper-based exam to a computerized one – having students take the test remotely remains work in progress. LAU opened registration for the first candidates on May 13 and launched the online entrance exam on June 1.

The EEE will be offered on a weekly basis through to the end of August as sessions have limited capacity due to social distancing guidelines. Additionally, the LAU COVID-19 Emergency Health Response Committee has provided general guidelines that are being implemented to ensure the test takes place in a safe environment.