Dr. Joe M. Tekli, Associate Professor of Computer Engineering

My motivation is the promise that the students represent.


In these difficult circumstances, I keep busy with family and work, while trying to disconnect from the national drama unfolding every day. Life has become very stressful as you know, but this has also taught me to use and organize my time rigorously to get the most of my family and maintain and boost my research output. 

I stay motivated by focusing solely on the academic and research work. I try to deliver my lectures with the same zeal, regardless of what is happening in the outside world. My research assistants and I have created our own academic bubble and live in it, disregarding outside interferences and noise. It is the aspirations, future plans, and promise that the students represent that give me hope and keep me motivated, rather than the other way around.

My work is a great part of what keeps me going, especially through tough times, which is why I try to maintain and even boost my research. It is not always easy, given the problems and distractions we have to deal with daily. But instead of wasting time complaining about the situation, I prefer to take things into my own hands and invest the precious time that I have in what matters: work, family, and play.