Dr. Josiane Fahed-Sreih, Chair of Department of Management Studies/Associate Professor of Management

We should redirect our energy toward productive skills.


Maintaining a work-life balance has been very challenging because our mental health is suffering and boundaries are rarely set. Nevertheless, we need to know how to redirect our energy toward a more productive and focused skill that would allow us to strive and grow.

To keep myself motivated, I have maintained regular schedules during the lockdown period, such as dressing up, having structured meals at regular times, and handling classes on schedule as I would on a normal day.

To better drive my students and sustain their interest in the lessons, I conduct a virtual class analysis that keeps them alert and attentive, and I ask questions randomly to which I expect them to answer. I also encourage them to use the WebEx chat box to keep them busy and motivated, by asking questions and making comments that I take during class time.

I also realized that this is the best time to increase my research output given the time I have to reflect and come up with great research ideas and writings. The setback, however, is the difficulty of getting help from research assistants, as remote coordination can be very challenging and takes time. Still, nothing compares with face-to-face dialogue and communication with the students to make sure they grasp important concepts and explanations.