Dr. Tarek El Masri, Assistant Professor of Accounting

Keeping an eye on the bigger picture.


I am sure that I and those who know me never imagined that the day would come when I would teach a class wearing anything other than a suit. Yet, it has been more than a year now that I have been teaching online, mostly from home, and in sweatpants. Having said that, I make it a point not to work from my bedroom and take at least one day off every weekend. I think this helps me to keep a balance and recharge for the following week.

I also remind my students to focus on the bigger picture – the goal to graduate – and that, despite the pandemic, we are getting there and doing great. All we really need to do is to come out of it alive, and we at LAU will be doing so with a degree in our hand.

Being in a survival mode certainly does not elevate the mind to a state where research is enjoyable or even possible. Due to the combination of the pandemic and financial crisis, I find myself without access to data, software, and research conferences. So, I have taken the opportunity to revisit and finish old research projects that were pending. I keep on looking to the future and hoping for the best. 

Finally, here is a tip from an accounting professor: review your personal finances, set your list of priorities straight, recalculate your disposable income every month according to the current exchange rate and adjust your lifestyle accordingly.